The Internet and customer care: aid or anarchy?

Written by Rachel Lane

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The disaffected nation is becoming an increasingly IT literate force, with its soldiers equipped with e-mail addresses, online bank accounts and familiarity with a range of online retailers. As broadband penetration increases and websites offer an increasingly sophisticated range of services, companies will be less worried about bit rates and more concerned about bite rates as word-of-mouth whips its way through e-mails.

Whilst certain companies may still be slow to react to customer concerns, market monopolies are gradually being disbanded as consumers embrace new ways of shopping.

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How To Start An Internet Business – Content, Content, Conten

Written by Halstatt Pires

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The first step is to review your product or service. Pages should be created providing explanations forrepparttar most simple to complex elements of whatever you are promoting. Make sure to cover basic items. For a real estate agent site, topics should include 1) how to buy a house, 2) howrepparttar 144042 process works from beginning to end; 3) how escrow works and so forth. Never assume your prospect understands some element of your product or service. Once these pages are created,repparttar 144043 site should be significantly bigger and, thus, more attractive to search engines.

The next step is to reviewrepparttar 144044 results ofrepparttar 144045 keyword research for your primary pages. Looking downrepparttar 144046 list of keywords, focus on keywords with less than 1,000 searches a month. Every one of these keywords is a potential topic. Because there are few monthly searches, competition for rankings under each keyword phrase is probably low. As you site gains links,repparttar 144047 various information pages will move up into top rankings. If you have 50 information pages each producing 100 clicks a month, they will produce 5,000 free clicks a month. Assume a conversion rate of 1/100 and you have 50 sales. As more pages are added,repparttar 144048 figures will continue to rise.

Finally, forums are an excellent place to find topics. Forums are sites where people gather to discuss issues related to a particular subject. The discussions typically start when someone posts a question. Each question is a potential topic for a page on your site. Make sure to focus on posts with lots of replies, asrepparttar 144049 number of replies reflectsrepparttar 144050 amount of interest inrepparttar 144051 topic. To find relevant forums, simply search for “forum + subject” on any search engine.

In Closing

Google, Yahoo and MSN frequently changerepparttar 144052 algorithms each uses to produce rankings. Such changes can blow holes in search engine optimization strategies. Continually adding relevant content to your site is just aboutrepparttar 144053 only method to smoothly ride these fluctuations. After all, content is king.

Halstatt Pires is with Marketing Titan- an Internet marketing and advertising company comprised of a search engine optimization specialist providing meta tag optimization services and Internet marketing consultant providing internet marketing solutions through integrated design and programming services.

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