The Internet Marketing Ebook Craze: How to Make Savvy Ebook Choices

Written by Darrell Finkeldei

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Look for a free trial download of one or two chapters from repparttar ebook. This is a very good sign ofrepparttar 108476 author's confidence inrepparttar 108477 product and your opportunity to get a glimpse of what you'll be getting withrepparttar 108478 full "paid-for" version.

Always use this option if available. You can tell a lot aboutrepparttar 108479 ebook andrepparttar 108480 quality ofrepparttar 108481 content by reading a single chapter. A free trial download generally comes with a table-of-contents, too. Here you'll get an idea ifrepparttar 108482 ebook is going to deliver MORE or LESS than what you expect forrepparttar 108483 price.


Contrary to what you might believe, a LONG guarantee period usually signals lower quality.

Think about it. Do you remember what you purchased a year ago? This type of guarantee can lull you out of a sense of urgency to evaluate your purchase. The author is likely hoping you will "download-it-and-forget-it".

I have much more confidence in my ebook purchases when there is a simple 30 day "no questions asked" money back guarantee. It signals to me thatrepparttar 108484 author is confident that I will be a satisfied customer.


Ebooks literally cost next to nothing to produce and deliver. Therefore,repparttar 108485 prices of digital products are determined strictly from perceived value. And perceived value is directly related to good (or bad) sales copy.

Do a little research onrepparttar 108486 author. Many times you will find thatrepparttar 108487 content ofrepparttar 108488 author's newest ebook is no more than a collection of articles posted for FREE at his web site only re-written in a little more detail.

Think twice before you shell out $97.00 plus for an ebook. Withrepparttar 108489 current ebook craze you RARELY get what you pay for.


Is there a "no questions asked" money back guarantee? If there is, and you DON'T find a value that meets or exceeds repparttar 108490 price you paid, USE IT!

Unfortunately, this "make-a-quick-buck" craze gives a black-eye torepparttar 108491 quality-conscious ebook publishers and their affiliate programs. By demanding quality we may eventually see an end torepparttar 108492 current tide of low value ebooks.

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Why write an eBook?

Written by Judy Cullins

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3. Write a thirty-second "tell and sell." You only have a few seconds to impress your potential buyer. Include your title, a few benefits, andrepparttar audience. Use sound bites to grab attention. _Write, Finish, and Publish your eBook Fast to Pull Online Sales_ shows professionals how to shortcut each step of writing, publishing, and promoting a salable short eBook.

Include a sound bite headline that grabs attention such as "It will do more for you than instant cappuccino." You may also want to compare your book to a successful one such as "This book isrepparttar 108475 Fast Lane of Dan Poynter's Books."

4. Write your sales letter before you write your book. This important sales tool givesrepparttar 108476 benefits your potential buyers want. Include compelling ad copy, benefits, testimonials, and a small blurb about you,repparttar 108477 author. If your potential buyer likes it, they will buy onrepparttar 108478 spot.

5. Write your eBook's introduction. Includerepparttar 108479 problem your audience has, why you wroterepparttar 108480 book, and its purpose. In a few paragraphs include more specific benefits, and how you will present it (format). Keep it under a page. Your introduction will help you write your sales letter.

6. Create a table of contents. Each chapter should have a name, preferably a catchy one. If your reader can't understandrepparttar 108481 chapter title, then annotate it. Add some benefits or a sub title. In my first chapter called "Why Write an eBook?" I added this partial list of benefits: Ongoing lifelong multiple streams of income, credibility asrepparttar 108482 expert, products sell easily online, buyers are more targeted and hence you create more profit.

7. Reach out to opinion molders. After an initial contact of asking for feedback, resend themrepparttar 108483 same chapter andrepparttar 108484 table of contents of your book. Ask for a testimonial then. These influential contacts' testimonials will help promote your eBook Online.

Design every part of your eBook to be a sales tool and a beacon that brings out your best: writing a compelling, understandable, and enjoyable book that millions of Online buyers will want.

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