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LANs were used for administrative, educational and research purposes.Libraries used LANs to hold their catalogs.In time, university research LANs and commercial LANs could share information. Eventually, commercial networks were created forrepparttar sole purpose of giving consumers access to this rapidly expanding infrastructure, this Internet, of computer-based communication. The Internet now reaches into more than 185 countries, connects more that seventy thousand computer networks , ansd is used by over three hundred million people worlwide.

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Introduction to Visual Basic

Written by Pawan Bangar

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Stopping Visual Basic

You'll exit from Visual Basic and return to Windowsrepparttar same way you exit most Windows applications: Select File|Exit, click Visual Basic's main window close button, press Alt+F4, or double-click VB's Control menu icon that appears inrepparttar 107798 upper-left corner ofrepparttar 107799 screen. If you have made changes to one or more files withinrepparttar 107800 currently open project (remember that a project isrepparttar 107801 collection of files that comprise your application), Visual Basic gives you one last chance to save your work before quitting to Windows. Masteringrepparttar 107802 Development Environment Learningrepparttar 107803 ins and outs ofrepparttar 107804 development environment before you learn Visual Basic is somewhat like learningrepparttar 107805 parts of an automobile before you learn to drive; you might have a tendency to skiprepparttar 107806 terms and jump intorepparttar 107807 foray. If, however, you takerepparttar 107808 time to learn some ofrepparttar 107809 development environment's more fundamental principles, you will be better able to learn Visual Basic. You then will be more comfortable within VB's environment and will have a better understanding ofrepparttar 107810 related words when subsequent lessons refer torepparttar 107811 windows and tools inrepparttar 107812 development environment.

Standards: The Menu Bar and Toolbar Visual Basic's menu bar and toolbars work just as you expect them to. You can click or press a menu bar option's hotkey (for example, Alt+F displaysrepparttar 107813 File menu) to see a pull-down list of menu options that provides either commands, another level of menus, or dialog boxes. Many ofrepparttar 107814 menu options have shortcut keys (often called accelerator keys) such as Ctrl+S forrepparttar 107815 File|Save option. When you press an accelerator key, you don't first have to displayrepparttar 107816 menu to accessrepparttar 107817 option. The toolbar provides one-button access to many common menu commands. Instead of selecting Edit|Paste, for example, you could clickrepparttar 107818 Paste toolbar button. As with most of today's Windows applications, Visual Basic supports a wide range of toolbars. Select View|Toolbars to see a list of available toolbars. Each one that is currently showing will appear with a checkmark by its name. The Form Window: Where It All Happens The Form window is your primary work area. Althoughrepparttar 107819 Form window first appears small relative torepparttar 107820 rest of your screen,repparttar 107821 Form window comprisesrepparttar 107822 background of your application. In other words, if you write a Windows-based calculator with Visual Basic,repparttar 107823 calculator's buttons all reside onrepparttar 107824 Form window and when someone runsrepparttar 107825 calculator,repparttar 107826 calculator that appears is really justrepparttar 107827 application's Form window with components placed there and tied together with code. Source program is code, forms, menus, graphics, and help files that you create and edit to formrepparttar 107828 project (also called source code). The parts ofrepparttar 107829 application that you create, such asrepparttar 107830 forms,repparttar 107831 code, andrepparttar 107832 graphics that you prepare for output, compriserepparttar 107833 source program. When you or another user compiles or runsrepparttar 107834 source program, VB translatesrepparttar 107835 program into an executable program. You cannot make changes directly to an executable program. If you see bugs when you runrepparttar 107836 program, you must changerepparttar 107837 source application (which might contain multiple files inrepparttar 107838 project) and rerun or recompilerepparttar 107839 source. The Toolbox Supplies Controls The toolbox containsrepparttar 107840 controls that you place onrepparttar 107841 Form window. The toolbox never runs out of controls; if you place a command button onrepparttar 107842 Form window, another awaits you onrepparttar 107843 toolbox, ready to be placed also. The Form Layout Window Places Forms The Form Layout window displaysrepparttar 107844 initial position and relative size ofrepparttar 107845 current form shown inrepparttar 107846 Form window. The Form Layout window always shows whererepparttar 107847 form appears inrepparttar 107848 current Form window. If you wantrepparttar 107849 form to appear at a different location fromrepparttar 107850 current position, you can moverepparttar 107851 form insiderepparttar 107852 Form Layout window to moverepparttar 107853 form's appearing position whenrepparttar 107854 user runsrepparttar 107855 application. The Project Explorer Window The Project Explorer window, often calledrepparttar 107856 Project window, gives you a tree-structured view of allrepparttar 107857 files inrepparttar 107858 application. Microsoft changedrepparttar 107859 formal name from Project window to Project Explorer window between versions 4 and 5 to celebraterepparttar 107860 resemblance ofrepparttar 107861 window torepparttar 107862 typical Explorer-like tree-structured file views so prevalent in Windows 95 and NT. You can expand and collapse branches ofrepparttar 107863 view to get more or less detail. The Project Explorer window displays forms, modules (files that hold supporting code forrepparttar 107864 application), classes (advanced modules), and more. When you want to work with a particular part ofrepparttar 107865 loaded application, double-clickrepparttar 107866 component inrepparttar 107867 Project window to bring that component into focus. In other words, ifrepparttar 107868 Project Explorer window displays three forms and you need to edit one ofrepparttar 107869 forms, locate and double-clickrepparttar 107870 form name inrepparttar 107871 Project window to activate that form inrepparttar 107872 Form window. The Properties Window A different list appears inrepparttar 107873 Properties window every time you click over a different Form window tool. The Properties window describes properties (descriptive and functional information) aboutrepparttar 107874 form and its controls. Many properties exist for almost every object in Visual Basic. The Properties window lists allrepparttar 107875 properties ofrepparttar 107876 Form window's selected control. Help Is at Your Fingertips Visual Basic's online help system is one ofrepparttar 107877 most advanced onrepparttar 107878 market. When you want help with a control, window, tool, or command, press F1. Visual Basic analyzes what you are doing and offers help. In addition, Visual Basic supports a tremendous help resource called Books Online. When you select Books Online fromrepparttar 107879 Help menu, Visual Basic displays a tree-structured view of books about Visual Basic that you can search and read. The online help extends torepparttar 107880 Internet as well. If you have an Internet connection, you can browserepparttar 107881 latest help topics by selecting Help|Microsoft onrepparttar 107882 Web. Summary Perhaps you already can see that Visual Basic is more than it first appears. Programmers use Visual Basic to create extremely advanced Windows applications.

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