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Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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"Onrepparttar night of 15 November 1944repparttar 147040 team of Elmore and Mapes again recorded a first - a nightime visual confirmation on a night flying Me163. Lt. Mapes remembers it well:

'We were flying what was known as a "free-lance" intruder mission around Bonn, Germany. It was around 2300 hours before we hit our area. The overcast was at 4000 ft. with a beautiful moonlit clear sky above. Suddenly, I picked up a "bogey" on my radar that was high above us and travelling at a terrific speed. Just as it was about to pass over us, Elmore put us into a hard 180 degree turn. I could not find it onrepparttar 147041 radar and looked out above us. The sight was unbelievable! It appeared to be shaped like a wedge of pie with a long plume of flame coming from its rear end.

I kept watching him and calling out where he was overrepparttar 147042 intercom. He appeared to be in a tight circle directly above us. Aboutrepparttar 147043 time that Elmore got a visual,repparttar 147044 flame died down to a glow and it started to spiral down on us. I could see intermittent bursts of fire fromrepparttar 147045 nose, and knew it was cannon or machine gun fire. I relayed this on and we began taking violent evasive action. Suddenly, this strange aircraft broke off and went into a vertical climb, with a long plume of flame shooting outrepparttar 147046 rear end. After several manoeuvres like this, we both agreed it wasrepparttar 147047 new German Me 163 rocket plane. We never could get in a position to fire on it because of its tight spiralling and rapid climbs. Finally, it leftrepparttar 147048 area and we never saw it again. Although we never fired a shot at it, it was a very memorable mission!'” (18)

John von Neumann may not have known why all his teachers encouraged him to follow so many unconventional paths and Hitler may have a greater enduring part to play inrepparttar 147049 intergalactic 'seeding' of space and other advanced cloaking and cloning devices than evenrepparttar 147050 Sanskrit texts contemplate. Please check intorepparttar 147051 von Neumann probes taking genetic material to other galactic planets at our present time. Couldrepparttar 147052 'spheres' have encoded or time release information? It can seem almost fun and beyond science fiction to go too far down this road. What is too far? We hope you'll decide for yourself and not cater torepparttar 147053 conventional or societal norm likerepparttar 147054 good citizens of Germany did when they heard rumors aboutrepparttar 147055 'fun' going on with Jews in concentration camps.

EDGAR MITCHELL: - The Noetic Sciences people are lucky to have this former astronaut (Astronaut Michael Collins similarly deals in spiritual truth from history) as part of their team of scientists. They have seminars that that cover much ofrepparttar 147056 kind of thing thatrepparttar 147057 future must bring into being our reality. Here isrepparttar 147058 intro to one of his workshops:

“For almost 400 years, western civilization has been structured aroundrepparttar 147059 Cartesian conclusion that body and mind belong to separate realms of existence. But Descartes was wrong; they are but two faces of an intelligent, creative, self-organizing, learning, trial and error, interactive, participatory, evolving universe. This Dyadic model proposes that existence andrepparttar 147060 ability to know (consciousness) both arise fromrepparttar 147061 same concept – energy – an energy that containsrepparttar 147062 seeds of knowing. Non-local information aboutrepparttar 147063 physical universe providesrepparttar 147064 missing link between objective science and subjective experience, includingrepparttar 147065 mystical experience. We will explore these concepts with ample time for questions and discussion.

Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 Astronaut – sixth man to walk onrepparttar 147066 moon (1971), Founder, Institute of Noetic Sciences (1973), Author of Psychic Exploration and The Way of The Explorer. A pioneer in efforts to expand science toward understanding consciousness and inner experience. Fromrepparttar 147067 vicinity ofrepparttar 147068 Moon, Ed Mitchell viewed planet Earth amongrepparttar 147069 separate galaxies,repparttar 147070 stars and planets, and had a transformative experience that changed his life. He left his job as a naval officer and astronaut, founded IONS {The institute of Noetic Sciences from which this excerpt is taken. I highly recommend them and a visit to their web site for starters.} , and began a rigorous exploration of links between inner and outer journeys, between science and spirituality.”

He is a honorary member ofrepparttar 147071 Club of Budapest and I will list some ofrepparttar 147072 names including his here at this point, but I want you to ask yourself whether Von Neumann, Wigner, St. Germain and others from that region are somehow esoterically connected. It seems to be a hotbed of interesting things and people going along with Rudolf I’s Prague and Vienna. Every one of these people could be highlighted in this book and I would have to say they are all excellent role models. The list comes from .

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I Challenge the 'experts'

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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This problem so threatens modern academics whose whole history is founded onrepparttar ignorance of 'Stone Age' or Neolithic people that an editor who was working with me quit and called me an 'occultist'. So,repparttar 146371 battle against heretics like me and other seekers of wisdom does wage on, withrepparttar 146372 tenured and other spokespeople drawing massive wages at taxpayer expense. Here are his words regardingrepparttar 146373 Pyramid.

"It's generally known thatrepparttar 146374 Pyramid and Giza was a colossal albeit prosaic engineering feat carried out mostly by slaves."

I will show him due deference and not cite his name, but he possesses many doctorates and was a professor with 14 years of post-secondary education. He deservesrepparttar 146375 opportunity andrepparttar 146376 freedom to express himself but I suggest we don't need such 'expertise' in our schools unless they volunteer their time in an open forum. It is certain he has done little research and is simply engaging inrepparttar 146377 conventional 'me-too' arrogance that resolutely and militantly (if not with vile purpose) repeats such utter hogwash! It is not just 'occultists' who write whole books onrepparttar 146378 subject ofrepparttar 146379 Pyramid from different disciplinary backgrounds including mathematics and most physical sciences. 'Occult' is only 'hidden' because of inquisitorial exercise of academic proscription. I know few universities would allow me to speak in a free or open forum to debate such 'experts'!

Giving Gardner his due, I would say he has done some excellent scholarship, albeit Bible Narrative in style if not intent. My belief is that closure can not be reached by any true seeker and I am open to ecumenical approaches that neither my editor nor Gardner ('Genesis ofrepparttar 146380 Grail Kings') exhibit. So, if that makes me an 'occultist' like alchemists whorepparttar 146381 Great White Brotherhood claim to be (at least derived fromrepparttar 146382 same shamanistic roots) then so be it. Of course, my credentials are not recognized and therefore I am 'persona non grata' or what Jesus and any other occultist who dared to tellrepparttar 146383 truth (like Socrates) risked in ancient times, is likely my crucifying judgment. Yes, Jesus was a seeker who studiedrepparttar 146384 Tree of Life and other Qabalistic (changed to Kaballah in Spain much later byrepparttar 146385 Sephardic and/or Hassidic Jews) 'Sources'. That makes Gardner closer torepparttar 146386 truth of Jesus and his 'Therapeutae' that came from or withrepparttar 146387 re-organization engineered by Tuthmosis. The 'Star Fire Ceremony' practiced by these 'occultists' andrepparttar 146388 communion which involved other bloody (literally) devices is definitely beyondrepparttar 146389 'norm' and pale of proper behavior as we see it today.

How influential these elitist 'mystery schools' are in our present environment is yet to be seen. Certainly they have beenrepparttar 146390 dominant factor in history for at least 3500 years. We will show Napoleon and Aquinas are joined byrepparttar 146391 likes of Cecil Rhodes and Winston Churchill onrepparttar 146392 way to a Skull & Bones Society far more obscene than any you might imagine. When you see pictures of Pharaohs they often have pointed hats to augmentrepparttar 146393 pineal 'Third Eye' aspects and attributes ofrepparttar 146394 human machine. This pyramidal structure focuses forces thatrepparttar 146395 GWB was more aware of than any conventional academic of today who might put a similar hat on a kid they send to a seat inrepparttar 146396 comer ofrepparttar 146397 classroom (Dunce Cap).

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