The Insider's Guide To Getting Along With Your Boss

Written by Jay Harris

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Remember, he'srepparttar boss, so be sure to learn how he wants you to communicate problems. Does he prefer you put it in writing, arrange a meeting, or just drop-in his office anytime you have a question? Use common sense. Ifrepparttar 148601 boss is in a bad mood, or otherwise having a bad day, he's probably not inrepparttar 148602 proper frame of mind to listen to any new suggestions, or for you to ask to go home early, take a day off, or get a raise.

Besides consideration forrepparttar 148603 boss's mood, and receptiveness on any particular day to listen to new ideas,repparttar 148604 employee who thinks he has a good idea for changing an operating procedure, should always re-think his idea through from every angle before presenting it torepparttar 148605 boss.

You should give your bossrepparttar 148606 feeling of confidence that you're a team player and you want to berepparttar 148607 one he or she can depend on to make his or her job easier. You should try to figure out what your boss's goals are, then help him to reach those goals through your contributions as a good employee.

Basically,repparttar 148608 good employee isrepparttar 148609 one who is ready and inrepparttar 148610 mood to go to work atrepparttar 148611 designated time.

- A good employee knows his job, inside and out, and if faced with something new, puts inrepparttar 148612 necessary time on his own, to try and figure things out, then presents options torepparttar 148613 boss, who decides if any changes in policy or procedures are needed.

- A good employee doesn't take time off except for real illness or emergencies. He'srepparttar 148614 one who does his work, getsrepparttar 148615 job done, and is proud of his contribution torepparttar 148616 overall success ofrepparttar 148617 company he works for. He's one who's ready to help a fellow employee or newcomer without having to be asked to do so.

- A good employee letsrepparttar 148618 boss know that he's completed his work, and is free to assist him or her with special projects. He'srepparttar 148619 one who doesn't camp out atrepparttar 148620 water cooler or coffee machine engaging his fellow workers in idle gossip. He'srepparttar 148621 one who sets up his work area either forrepparttar 148622 person onrepparttar 148623 next shift, or so that he'll be ale to go right to work when he comes inrepparttar 148624 next day.

All of these things and more, arerepparttar 148625 basic ingredients torepparttar 148626 definition of a good employee, and being a good employee isrepparttar 148627 best way of getting along withrepparttar 148628 boss! The practice of good human relations and displayingrepparttar 148629 virtues ofrepparttar 148630 ideal employee, requiresrepparttar 148631 constant use of one's common sense for ultimate success. On needs to be aware ofrepparttar 148632 boss's sensitivities, and eccentricities. If he bristles at any hint of criticism of how he does things, he needs a subordinate who'll be willing to work under less then ideal conditions.

So,repparttar 148633 bottom-line to getting along with any boss is first be a good employee yourself. Master human relations. Understand that your boss is a human being just like yourself - with a job to do, and bosses of his own to answer to. So do everything you can to make his or her job easier. It will go a long way to making your job easier and having a good working relationship withrepparttar 148634 boss!

If you can masterrepparttar 148635 all important "people skills," someday you may enjoyrepparttar 148636 power and prestige of beingrepparttar 148637 boss, and enjoying allrepparttar 148638 perks and other trappings of being in charge!

Article by Jay Harris of IMI Concepts. Visit his website

Affordable web design

Written by Stephen Hill

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Alternativerly I advise people to look intorepparttar yellow pages, look onrepparttar 148194 internet or ask family and friends if they know of anybody.

You are normally able to find somebody who will do a very good job and will design you a professional looking website at an affordable price.

Always look atrepparttar 148195 portfolio page and have a look atrepparttar 148196 websites they have already built. It might be worth seeing whatrepparttar 148197 page rank of these websites are like and you are also looking to see if you likerepparttar 148198 style.

Oncerepparttar 148199 web designer has built your website ask them if they would add a link from their homepage to your new website. Also ask them if they would submitrepparttar 148200 site to all ofrepparttar 148201 search engines.

Stephen Hill

Stephen Hill is a web designer from Birmingham. He has a website at

Stephen Hill is a web designer from the UK. An example of his work is

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