"The Information Publisher's Secret Resource Guide To Blow Customers Away!"

Written by Hans Klein

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The bottom line is you want to your customer to feel as though you were in their very same position, and you can relate to their situation. This immediately builds credibility becauserepparttar customer begins to see you as a friend, instead of just an investment.

2."That's great, but What's It Going To Do For Me?" As repparttar 108128 customer views your product, this isrepparttar 108129 MOST important question they have… So, answer it! Be sure to point out how they are going to very clearly benefit fromrepparttar 108130 information you are giving to them.

3.Inrepparttar 108131 introduction of your product, always give your best promise of what you expect to deliver torepparttar 108132 client. Do you expect to showrepparttar 108133 client how he can make an extra $1,509 a month? Lose 23 pounds? Save 139,403,839 seconds a year? If so, letrepparttar 108134 client know what kind of value he is about to receive.

4. "Alright, saving 139,403,839 seconds a year sounds great, but this sounds too difficult." The next questionrepparttar 108135 customer wonders after finding out what your information can do for him is if they can do it… So, let him or her know "Yes, You Can and here's why…!"

5.Letrepparttar 108136 customer know possible potential return on investment if they utilizerepparttar 108137 information you are providing. In other words, tellrepparttar 108138 customerrepparttar 108139 end result as to what your information can do for him. Willrepparttar 108140 customer master weaving, writing, or what ever your product is showing him what to do?

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Rules, Regs, and Recommendations for Search Engine Copywriting

Written by Karon Thackston

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Use Keyphrases in Your Headlines

Most search engines deem a headline as an important section ofrepparttar copy. That meansrepparttar 108127 text included in headlines (and sub-heads) carries extra weight.

When you create headlines for your copy, be sure to make them keyword rich. Also pay attention torepparttar 108128 HTML code for your headlines. Making headlines bold and including them within


tags will help gainrepparttar 108129 attention ofrepparttar 108130 engines.

The same holds true for sub-headlines. As you include additional sub-heads throughout your copy, pay attention torepparttar 108131 bolding and coding for headline tags.

Include Keyphrases in Your Body Copy

As you begin to write, include keyphrases allrepparttar 108132 way through your body copy, not just inrepparttar 108133 first paragraph. For best results, focus your copy on only two or three primary keywords.

Letrepparttar 108134 keywords flow naturally as you write… don’t try to force it. Describe your products or services using keywords, include keywords in photo or graphic captions, and use keywords in any tables or lists you create.

How often should you use keyphrases? There is a “3% guideline” that states 3% of your words should be keywords. However, this is JUST a guideline. Don’t kill yourself to achieve a 3% ratio. Remember, your copy has to sell as well as attractrepparttar 108135 engines' attention. Don’t ruin perfectly good copy by forcing keywords where they just don’t fit.

By keeping these “rules, regs, and recommendations” ofrepparttar 108136 search engine copywriting game in mind, you’re sure to create copy that impresses both your visitors ANDrepparttar 108137 engines.

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