The Incredible Daylily

Written by Donna Evans

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Black Eyed Susan: A real standout inrepparttar garden. This daylily has rich yellow-orange petals with a maroon and dark orange throat. Bama Bound: This daylily has a deep reddish color giving it a satin like appearance. Little Grapette: A miniatured sized daylily with grape-purple petals and a green throat. Beauty to Behold: A light lemon colored daylily with a green throat. The flowers are satin in appearance. The flowers are nocturnal;repparttar 151114 day’s flowers actually open uprepparttar 151115 night before. Hyperion: This daylily has been around for over 80 years. The canary yellow flowers have a trumpet shape and are treasured for their delicate fragrance.

Donna Evans is co-owner of Gizmo Creations, a landscape design firm located just north of Brainerd, Minnesota. Gizmo Creations has a over 20 years of experience in landscape design. Their award winning website has numerous tips and articles on landscape design.

"Plants To Grow Old With" or "The Constant Battle"

Written by S. Johnson

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nice. That part of my plan did work. These plants do smell good when crushed, but believe me no four-inch barrier and mulch is going to hold mint in check! The Apple mint andrepparttar Peppermint spread by runners that just hopped over or dove underrepparttar 151113 barriers and throughrepparttar 151114 mulch and ran wherever they choose. Each year I spend considerable time pulling it up out ofrepparttar 151115 flower and herbs beds. Last year I turned my back on it for a while to long (as I was distracted with this computer) and ended up taking a weed eater to it,because it had completely taken over one flower bed. Then I had to get down and pull uprepparttar 151116 underground roots and runners. How it got into that bed is a mystery. That bed was atrepparttar 151117 opposite end ofrepparttar 151118 garden. A word of warning! Any little piece of stem or root can and probably will start a new plant. The only way I would recommend raising mint is in escape proof containers. The Lemon mint self-seeds itself prolifically. I have it popping up in allrepparttar 151119 beds each spring. Wild Passion Flower Vine, with its sweet fragrance and exotic blooms, is also one of those plants that spread by underground runners. When I gotrepparttar 151120 start to this beauty I planted it by my front porch and set a trellis so it could climb it. I thought this would be a nice place for visitors to viewrepparttar 151121 lovely bloom and enjoyrepparttar 151122 sweet smell of its blossoms. The problem here was thatrepparttar 151123 vine wasn't content with staying byrepparttar 151124 trellis. It comes up inrepparttar 151125 shrubs,hedges, hostas, and hibiscus. It has spread torepparttar 151126 neighbors yard again to their delight and mine NOT! It has spread allrepparttar 151127 way around torepparttar 151128 other side ofrepparttar 151129 house. God only knows where it will show up next. Honey Locust Tree, I can't forget this one. This tree has lovely clusters of pinkish-lavender blooms, but it also has a devilish habit of sending underground runners that pop up just where you usually don't want them. I've dug starts out of my horseradish, iris, comphrey, thyme, etc. Oh well, it does have lovely blooms...

S. Johnson is the owner of Azeche Co. and creator of ShopAzeche and Let Me Outdoors. Shop Azeche is a popular home and garden website featuring products for every corner of your home including Quality Furniture, Cedar Trunks and so much more.Let Me Outdoors features Patio and Garden Furniture,Yard Carts and much more.Please visit both sites for your entire home and garden needs.

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