The Inception of Modern Computers, via the Back Passage.

Written by Thick Mick

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The disc drive was nothing to write home about, so I got a “fan belt” (alligator alimentary canal) and coupled it up to a perfectly squared shoulder blade. I still insist that this isrepparttar way to go! Listen up Mucrosift!!!!

There was no need for a printer, because we couldn’t write anyway. However, I did need a keyboard and quickly dispatched my fathers’ keys torepparttar 118124 pond and used his board!

Cables were easy enough to make and my grandmother (bless her) was an excellent knitter. “When you want to knit a high speed cable, do so, one bit at a time”, she used to tell me (not that I ever listened). I always get that one mixed up withrepparttar 118125 butcher downrepparttar 118126 road. What is it he used to say again?.....”When you want a nice bit of high-speed meat, get them, one bat at a time”.

Electricity, keyboard, processor, hard drive, cables........what else was there?.......oh yeah......I needed a comfortable seat and ordered this overrepparttar 118127 internet. I had to! The 7/11 was closed!

That just about concludes two thousand years of thicknology, as I remember it.


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The Beginnings of Medicine, via the Back Passage.

Written by Thick Mick.

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Yes, our local clinic was never understaffed or under-resourced, such wasrepparttar availability of bamboo.

Should a hungry dinosaur “happen” on your leg, arm, or anything except your head (this would have been considered to be a “threat”), a simple poultice made of Zinc (readily available atrepparttar 118123 7/11), Selenium (unavailable, but anything starting with “S” was sufficient, and only your imagination could deprive you), and milk (fromrepparttar 118124 milkman), would redirectrepparttar 118125 pain. Guaranteed!!!!

You had to be tough to survive medicine, and that was just practicing it. To survive it as a patient required a sharp memory. If you “forgot” your previous visit, then ...........well then......longevity was not for you!

There was nothing trivial, repetitive or indeed actual, aboutrepparttar 118126 Hippocratic oath. “Accept your fate, and relinquish your dinosaur eggs” as I remember it, wasrepparttar 118127 motto of Medicine.


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