The Importance of Website Statistics

Written by T Frady

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You may be interested in knowing what type of browser your visitors are using. Awstats also tells you that. Another great thing about looking at your stats is that you realize which linking partners arerepparttar most valuable. This can help you decide which sites to try and obtain links from inrepparttar 150545 future. A well placed link can bring you a few hundred extra hits a month. One ofrepparttar 150546 most important things you should be able to see from any statistics program isrepparttar 150547 amount of pages thatrepparttar 150548 search engine spiders are traveling down your website. If they've stopped visiting your site, it may be an indication that something is very wrong. You don't want to get caught off guard one day and find out your site has completely disappeared fromrepparttar 150549 search engines.

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Getting started with RSS

Written by Jorge Gonzalez

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          <description>Want to learn how being engaged inrepparttar moment can enhance your life experience as well as your business? Here, Adam Eason shows how anybody can learn how to engage inrepparttar 150484 present more to enrich your life more and more wonderfully.</description>

          <pubDate>Fri, 15 Jul 2005 00:00:00 GMT</pubDate>


       (... more <items> here, up to 15 ... )



First we declare it as an XML file (RSS is an XML standard), thenrepparttar 150485 RSS tag and version (at this time, 2.0 isrepparttar 150486 latest). Then we start withrepparttar 150487 channel which contains some general description ofrepparttar 150488 feed and provider like title, link, description, and finallyrepparttar 150489 actual items. Each item contains a title, a brief description, a publication date and a link torepparttar 150490 rest ofrepparttar 150491 item. To see allrepparttar 150492 information you can display, check outrepparttar 150493 official RSS 2.0 specification.

There are several ways to read an RSS feed:

  • Using your browser or even notepad --since it's just an XML file (formatted flat text).
  • Using a standalone desktop aggregator --such as FeedDemon, SharpReader, RssReader, and others.
  • Using your e-mail client --NewsGator Email Edition plugs into Outlook Express, Eudora, Entourage, Apple Mail, or other POP3 e-mail clients and lets you receive RSS feeds right in your e-mail window. The same company's Outlook Edition integrates RSS with Microsoft Outlook. And Mozilla's Thunderbird e-mail client comes with RSS-reading capabilities built in.
  • Using your mobile device --using a service such as FeedBeep, NewsGator Mobile Edition, Yahoo Mobile, or Elfinland.

    To create an RSS for your own site, there isrepparttar 150494 option to create it by hand, or using a software like FeedForAll, or an online service like RSS creator.

    Finally, to search for established RSS feeds you can use our very own RSS search engine, and to quickly submit your RSS feed to several directories, you can use our RSS submit tool.

    Jorge Gonzalez is one of the creators of the RSS search engine:

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