The Importance of Title Tags on a Web Page

Written by Brian Basson

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Stick torepparttar focus, in this instance "Radio Controlled Cars". Do not try to optimize a title for too many different keywords / phrases atrepparttar 127817 same time. This will only be confusing for people doing a search onrepparttar 127818 search engines, for they will not know exactly what your page is about. In a way search engines can be "confused" andrepparttar 127819 indexing of your site not done correctly.

How long shouldrepparttar 127820 title be ? A web page title should not be longer than 10 words. Try to fit inrepparttar 127821 crux of whatrepparttar 127822 page is all about, within a 10 word or less title tag. (The description tag can be a bit more explanatory)

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Website Content vs. your Search Engine Rankings

Written by Brian Basson

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unnatural sound to it will most certainly distract any reader of it. Keyword stuffing has become a huge problem as many searches end up in finding a web page with irrelevant information. Luckilyrepparttar search engines have started to give attention to this factor, and are penalising web sites adopting this crude method. Atrepparttar 127816 same time, for any web page to draw attention to it (search engines), it is very important thatrepparttar 127817 page contain a fair quantity of keywords and keyword phrases related torepparttar 127818 topic / theme of whatrepparttar 127819 page is all about. It is not that easy, but spend some time on this andrepparttar 127820 search engines will most certainly reward you for your efforts !!

Your site will also become known for it's relevant high quality content, and more and more people will regularly visit it and also link to your website. If in doubt, print outrepparttar 127821 page and ask a friend or relative to read it. They will surely be able comment onrepparttar 127822 natural sound of it or not.

Brian is a freelance writer, website marketing expert & webmaster of 3 websites including Rank Advance at

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