The Importance of Residual Income

Written by Romel Wallace

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For example, when you pay a internet service provider, web host, telephone bill, or cable TV bill; they are receiving a regular recurring income for providing their service to you. The valued members of a website providerepparttar owner with a regular, recurring monthly income. In return, they are provided with valuable information.

Residual income is what you want. Unfortunately, there are many opportunities available that really do an injustice to this concept.

Seriously speaking. Doesn't it make sense to make a recurring sale of a product rather than a one time sale?

Of course it does.

Yet so many people just don't get it.

Masterrepparttar 143915 concept of residual income and you'll master your destiny.

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Great Ways To Obtain Link Popularity

Written by Ronald Gibson

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Here are some outstanding article directories that you should be submitting to: IdeaMarketers -- EzineArticles -- GoArticles -- ISnare -- Internet Home Business Articles--

Here is a little tip for your article submissions. Many article directories allow you to enter HTML code in your articles. This gives yourepparttar ability to controlrepparttar 143914 anchor text of your site's link inrepparttar 143915 resource box of your article. The anchor text of your link serve as keywords forrepparttar 143916 search engines. Use a keyword research tool, such as Good Keywords(, to vary your anchor text from week to week. By doing this, you will rapidly build up a number of keywords for your site.

By using your blog's RSS or XML feed and submitting articles, you can increaserepparttar 143917 link poularity of your website without all ofrepparttar 143918 hassles of reciprocal linking.

Ronald Gibson is a Web Designer and Web Marketer. He is the Webmaster of, which offers information about some of the best money making opportunities on the Web. For more information, visit:

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