The Importance of Backing Up Your Files! (AND How To Do It!)

Written by Ronald Dunn

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I have only listed three ofrepparttar best here. To check out many other possibilities go to: Then click onrepparttar 107813 File Manager link. You will find many other shareware and freeware applications here as well.

In some instances, none ofrepparttar 107814 above programs will be able to help you. Why? Because some HTML Editors do not create separate files. The HTML code and all files associated withrepparttar 107815 page are included in one large file. Even after compressing into an archive file (.zip, .rar, .arc, etc.),repparttar 107816 file is still too large.

This may help in these cases.

File Splitter:

This splits files into pieces so they can be moved onto floppy disks between systems. The program creates a batch file that is easily reassembled on another PC or back on yours. You do not need to have it installed on both machines to transfer files.

You can download File Splitter FREE here:

It is important that you get intorepparttar 107817 habit of backing up your files and websites on a regular basis. Just having things stored on your hard drive is not enough. A computer crash or hard drive failure can wipe out everything. I know this from experience. My hard drive failed and could not be restored. Fortunately I had everything backup on CD's or I would have lost years of important files.

Please, don't make this simple mistake!

Backup everything at least once a week. Daily is better. Atrepparttar 107818 absolute minimum, backup your data files daily.

If all else fails - buy a CD-RW!

Thank you for reading!

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YOUR PRIVACY EXPOSED! Computer Forensics International uncovers secrets about recycled hard drives

Written by Stacey Kumagai

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Most large corporations and government agencies are equipped to handlerepparttar disposal of hard drives. However, most small businesses, lack formal disposal guidelines and expertise. Legal experts warn, that companies entrusted with private data, must implement measures to safeguard their client’s information, or be faced with multi-million dollar lawsuits.

The only way to properly “shred” data is to use programs like Symantec’s – WipeInfo, or Access Data’s - Secure Clean, which permanently overwrite data, making it virtually unrecoverable.

Once only a tool used by law enforcement, computer forensic examinations are now widely used by attorneys for employment and business litigation and has proven instrumental in many criminal cases, including San Diego’s Westerfield Murder Trial, Chandra Levy’s disappearance andrepparttar 107812 terrorist attacks in 2001. Mark McLaughlin has amassed nearly 25 years experience in computer forensic analysis, corporate security investigations, information systems management and law enforcement. He's a frequent lecturer and California State Bar qualified instructor for attorneys on computer forensics.

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