"The Importance Of Sales Copy"

Written by Randall Helling

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"Your Health Depends On This Information!" "Stop Letting Others Cheat You Out Of Income!" "This New Vitamin Will Add Years To Life"

I even saw a headline recently that read: "Don't Open This!" (...of course, I admittedly did!)

The point is, try to get readers focused on a quick benefit. Grab their attention. If you can't do it inrepparttar initial heading, try a sub-heading.

Inrepparttar 108152 example above, "Don't Open This!"...the sub-heading read, "Just another example of a sales heading that increases profits"

Notice thatrepparttar 108153 sub-heading spoke only aboutrepparttar 108154 benefits ofrepparttar 108155 initial heading...and it was emotional.

Remember,repparttar 108156 heading is only a part ofrepparttar 108157 overall sales letter. You need to incorporate all ofrepparttar 108158 parts to be successful. To learn more about all ofrepparttar 108159 parts of an effective sales copy, visit my website at: http://www.websuccess-online.com

To Your Success, Randall Helling

PS: As promised, here is a link to several individuals promoting sales writing techniques that I highly recommend: http://www.websuccess-online.com/_salescopy.htm


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“Out of Focus” Ads Can Cost You Customers

Written by Karon Thackston

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Next, I’d want to see a tell-all tag line (USP – unique selling position). Something that sets this realtor apart from others. Something that tells me - as a prospect - that I need *this* guy to sell my house… not any ofrepparttar other 6,000 realtors in my area.

Lastly, I’d work inrepparttar 108151 smaller photo, andrepparttar 108152 name ofrepparttar 108153 realty company. Both are needed, but they don’t need to be as large as they were.

When you create any piece of advertising, you have to keeprepparttar 108154 end results in mind. What do you want to happen once a prospect sees your ad? In this case,repparttar 108155 realtor wanted people to call him. Therefore,repparttar 108156 contact information simply has to be prominent.

People driving past a billboard *may* have a total of 3 seconds of viewing time. Since this billboard was near a stoplight (great choice of location byrepparttar 108157 way), those who were stopped had a few more seconds, maybe even a minute, of viewing time, IF they noticedrepparttar 108158 billboard. (They may have been looking inrepparttar 108159 rearview mirror and yelling at their kids!) That meansrepparttar 108160 focus has to be crystal clear.

When you create advertising pieces, be sure to keep your focus in mind. What do you want to accomplish with this ad? If every aspect does not lend itself in some way to gettingrepparttar 108161 prospects to respondrepparttar 108162 way you need them to, consider reworking your ad.

Whether it’s billboards, postcards, Web sites, newspapers, magazines, or brochures — keep your focus in check. Making it easy forrepparttar 108163 customer to buy will bring you maximum results.

Copy not getting results? Let Karon write targeted, persuasive copy for you. Visit her site at http://www.ktamarketing.com, or learn to write your own copy at http://www.copywritingcourse.com. Don’t forget to subscribe to Karon’s free ezine at http://www.ktamarketing.com/ezine.html.

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