The Importance Of Incoming Links And Reciprocal Links

Written by Tom Worsley

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Next make sure you have a way for people to link back to you naturally. Place a link on your site somewhere that says link to us and include instructions on how they should link to you. If you have informative content and update it regularly, people will link to your site automatically.

Last but not least there is always reciprocal linking. Reciprocal links require a link back torepparttar site that is linking to you and as I mentioned earlier these links do not carry as much weight as far asrepparttar 143777 search engines are concerned. But reciprocal links are still a very valuable advertising and search engine optimization technique that should not be ignored. There are a couple rules that one should follow when using reciprocal links. First make sure you have already addedrepparttar 143778 link torepparttar 143779 other site before you ask for a link back. And make sure your link page’s have no more than 50 links per page. When using any ofrepparttar 143780 above linking strategies it is very important that you use your targeted key words inrepparttar 143781 link and not just your web site URL. The search engines readrepparttar 143782 text betweenrepparttar 143783 tags to determine what your site is all about. If your site is about green leopard frogs then you should use green leopard frogs in your title and betweenrepparttar 143784 tags.

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Google Is About To Shake Again: Part 1

Written by Debra Gravelle

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2.Links either back linked or forward linked are now given a history data algorithm. This means that old or stale links that have not been maintained as fresh and updated information will be penalized. Dispose of broken or dead links. Rotate newer updated links torepparttar top of their perspective categories within your linking directories on a monthly routine bases.

3.Anchor Text now has its own score as well. When reciprocating links it is no longer acceptable to Google to have too many backward links usingrepparttar 143630 same key phrase. This is now considered “Anchor Spam”. Vary your anchor text using several different pertinent key phrases matchingrepparttar 143631 theme of your site.

4.The use of Third party Link Exchanges are now under their radar. Make sure your Link Directory is hosted on your server and not by a third party. All links should be relevant to your site theme. Organically grow your link directory; using artificial link injection will get you flagged.

Traffic Nodes are and how always been withinrepparttar 143632 good guidelines of all search engines. To find out what Traffic Nodes are and how to create one go to

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