The Importance Of Habit And Repetition During Horse Training

Written by Andy Curry

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One ofrepparttar most important things one should do while training a horse is repetition. Whatever lesson you're teaching your horse it should be taught so thoroughly that it is a fixed habit on his brain. It becomes a fixed habit by repetition.

In this horse's case, she hadn't been taught that "whoa" means to stop. In fact, I'd bet she thinks "whoa" means to slow down. Lots of people tell their horse "whoa" when their horse is moving too fast and they want it to slow down. Before you know it,repparttar 125763 horse thinks "whoa" means to slow down a little.

Pretty soon,repparttar 125764 horse has been thoroughly taught that "whoa" means to slow down...not stop. Thus, repetition worked in this case but backfired. "Whoa" was repeated so many times to mean to slow downrepparttar 125765 horse now believes "whoa" means slow down.

Thus,repparttar 125766 horse will have to be retrained to understand what whoa really means. It will take a lot of patience and thoroughness in training but it'll be well worthrepparttar 125767 time.

The value of this significant piece of knowledge cannot be overstated. When you're out training your horse a lesson be sure to give it enough repetition thatrepparttar 125768 lesson becomes a habit forrepparttar 125769 horse.

Jesse Beery, a famous horse trainer fromrepparttar 125770 late 1800's, overemphasized this crucial training tip. He preached teaching only one thing at a time and having that thing so thoroughly taught thatrepparttar 125771 habit is fixed uponrepparttar 125772 horse's brain.

That's some ofrepparttar 125773 best training advice you will ever get.

Andy Curry is a nationally known horse trainer and author of several best selling horse training and horse care books. For information visit his website at He is also the leading expert on Jesse Beery's horse training methods which can be seen at

Dogs are Heroes

Written by Rex Ryan

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On New Year’s Eve, 2004 Kathy White of Jackson County Missouri awoke in a smoke filled room, unable to see, and unsure how to escape. Her 6-month old Neapolitan mastiff – Ahbah – led her fromrepparttar house to safety.

One day before, in Cumberland. Md., David DeWitt was sleeping when a fire broke out in his house. Rocky, DeWitt’s 110-pound Rottweiler jumped on him until he woke up. DeWitt credits his dog with saving his life.

All overrepparttar 125762 world, dogs are saving people on a daily basis. There is nothing new about stories of dogs saving human’s lives. Indeed,repparttar 125763 event is so common that it generally goes unnoticed. The events above all maderepparttar 125764 press withinrepparttar 125765 last month – and no doubt most similar stories go unreported. But these stories bring joy to dog lovers all overrepparttar 125766 world. It reinforcesrepparttar 125767 unique nature ofrepparttar 125768 relationship between man and dogs. Nowhere else inrepparttar 125769 entire animal world is such a clear case of genuine affection and concern demonstrated between members of different species. While people often overlook this unique bond shared between man and dog, dog lovers understand it instinctively.

Rex Ryan is a dog lover and webmaster. His site can be found at:

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