The Illusion of Lust

Written by White Feather

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Lust is an emotion and is therefore chemical. Every timerepparttar emotion of lust is felt lust pheromones are released fromrepparttar 105654 body. These pheromones go out and search for people or things to possess, and lead you to them. When you are in a chemical state, you need a reaction to your reactions--you need someone or something outside of yourself to complete that chemical circuitry.

In a state of one-ness, you are operating in an electrical circuitry. The energy comes through you and goes out and electrifies everything without needing a complement torepparttar 105655 circuit. It's one way. It is a matter of allowing that electrical energy through you. Lusting jamsrepparttar 105656 energy flow, throwing you into a chemical circuitry.

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Interpreting Tarot Cards - Part 3

Written by Maria Svensson

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After Temperance comes 'The Devil'. In a reading, this card does NOT stand for evil, but instead puts you on notice that you are in a dead-end situation, which you must escape. You may be suffering some kind of obsession, or focussing too hard onrepparttar physical world torepparttar 105653 exclusion ofrepparttar 105654 spiritual. You may have been lead to this pass by incorrect assumptions -repparttar 105655 Devil warns you that it is time to re-evaluate those assumptions if you are to have any hope of escaping your current bind.

The last card we will look at this week is 'The Tower' or sometimes 'The Tower Struck By Lightening', meaning a sudden, extreme change of fortune. Often, your p[personality itself dictatesrepparttar 105656 form ofrepparttar 105657 reversal - if you are proud, expect a blow to your ego. If you are obsessed with money, expect a financial loss. Your reaction torepparttar 105658 blow isrepparttar 105659 important thing. The old saying is true - every cloud does have a silver lining, but it can be a terrible job to find it sometimes. Blows of this magnitude serve another purpose too - they allow us to understand more fully who we actually are. Only in times of crisis doesrepparttar 105660 veneer of upbringing fall away to revealrepparttar 105661 true person underneath.

Next week, we will look at card 17,repparttar 105662 Star.

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