The Hybrid Blog and Ping

Written by Keith Baxter

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Itís evolved into an organic blog that grows of its own. This blogging system receives its data from remote sources and posts on a consistent, yet infrequent basis. It pulls usable and visitor friendly data from a variety of sources, while still hostingrepparttar links you want found byrepparttar 143059 search engines. This blog informs over 50 blog directories every time an automated post is made, making it extremely valuable torepparttar 143060 search engine algorithms.

How is this accomplished?

First, you need Wordpress ( and RSS to Blog ( Once youíve downloaded both of these, make sure you install them.

Once installed, configure Wordpress perrepparttar 143061 instructions found here:

Second, create a list of links from your site which will be used in this new hybrid blog and ping tactic. One ofrepparttar 143062 bonuses for RSS to Blog is a tool that does this automatically for you.

Third, add these harvested links torepparttar 143063 RSS to Blog system and hit save. Set your cron to post out as often as you like and youíre done.

Thatís it in a nutshell.

There are a couple of additional points I need to make,

First, when using RSS to Blog you also haverepparttar 143064 ability to add additional data from other sources in order to make your Wordpress blog readable byrepparttar 143065 masses.

Second,repparttar 143066 Wordpress tricks book gives yourepparttar 143067 knowledge to make your blog more search engine friendly as well as providing a list of blog directories that are automatically notified every time you make an entry.

With this tactic revealed, itís my intention for you to enjoyrepparttar 143068 quick search engine inclusion that comes as a result of implementation.

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Home Business Success is All In The Mind

Written by Mal Keenan

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Hard work is also involved....time should be set aside daily to work non-stop on your current project. "Non-stop" meaning avoidance of too much time spent on useless activities like constantly checking your commission statistics or email accounts for new sales. I have been guilty of this time waster inrepparttar past and even to this day.

Focus on your business and engage in at least one positive thing daily to add value to your business.

Look atrepparttar 143058 beliefs that may be holding you back, for instance, do you secretly harbor a belief that too much money will bring more responsibility than you can handle? You need to drop this idea immediately or it will sabotage all your success efforts.

In conclusion, one should devote equal time to working onrepparttar 143059 "inner" beliefs that propel or hinder our business success as torepparttar 143060 planning and hard work that it takes to reach our goals.

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