The Human Touch

Written by Bob Osgoodby

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If you don't list proper contact information at your virtual business, you may be losing customers. Your name and e-mail address will go a long way. Even better, give them a physical address and a telephone number they can call. You may wish to have an "800" number, but you will get a lot of "tire kickers". Even if you don't give a free number, justrepparttar fact that there is a number listed goes a long way in allaying their fears.

Let your potential customers know that if they have questions, they can email you their phone number, and you will call them. Many times, they won't as all they really wanted was to know is that they are dealing with a real person.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words - consider putting your picture on your web site. This gives instant identification to your name and goes a long way in building customer confidence.

E-commerce is here to stay, butrepparttar 109087 mortality rate of "wannabes" will be high. Those that rememberrepparttar 109088 "Human Touch" will be amongrepparttar 109089 survivors.

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Enterprise Portals - The Next Big Thing

Written by Paul Brassil

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Enterprise Portals often leveragerepparttar best of personalization and one-to-one marketing, allowing forrepparttar 109086 targeting of content and message to unique individuals. Thus, a customer might have access to product manuals or white papers that a partner would not be able to see. Atrepparttar 109087 same time,repparttar 109088 portals often rely on sophisticated CRM and campaign management systems inrepparttar 109089 implicit and explicit personalization and communications ofrepparttar 109090 site, allowingrepparttar 109091 company to interact with its customers and partners in better and more lucrative ways. Finally, Enterprise Portals offer amazing analytical data to companies about their customers and partners via direct feedback utilities, orrepparttar 109092 tracking of usage and navigation ofrepparttar 109093 site (andrepparttar 109094 implications of what their users are interested in).

In order to offer up such versatile functionality, Enterprise Portals are increasingly built on sophisticated development technologies. Often they'll have at their heart a complex application server/personalization engine such Broadvision One-To-One, ATG Dynamo, or BEA Weblogic. Additionally, Enterprise Portals many times need to integrate with backend legacy systems, requiring a robust and scalable EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) architecture. Open systems languages such as Java and XML make this easier by reducing proprietary interfaces and inconsistent standards.

Obviously, building a system that could be compared to a mini-ERP implementation is never easy, andrepparttar 109095 business process and data issues involved in constructing an Enterprise Portal are as complex as any ofrepparttar 109096 application development issues. With that said, companies recognizerepparttar 109097 operational efficiencies, cost savings, and potential revenue offerings of such sites, and it's only a matter of time before Enterprise Portals are as ubiquitous asrepparttar 109098 company 1-800 phone number.

Paul Brassil is the Manager of E-Business Development at EMC Corporation in Massachusetts and is responsible for EMC Powerlink, the company's Enterprise Portal. He can be reached at

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