The Hostel

Written by Liana Metal

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“Can I stay here till morning, please?” she asked a young policeman.

“Sure you can,” he replied. “Are you one ofrepparttar girls ofrepparttar 105224 hostel?” he asked her.

“Yes, and I was late tonight,” Nina said.

“I understand,”repparttar 105225 policeman said and smiled. “Would you like a cup of coffee?”

The next morning, as soon asrepparttar 105226 door was unlocked, Nina got intorepparttar 105227 hostel. Collette was waiting for her.

“What’s happened to you girl?” she asked . “We were all worried about you!”

Nina explained that when she noticedrepparttar 105228 timerepparttar 105229 girls were gone.

“But we looked for you aroundrepparttar 105230 disco and we couldn’t find you!” Collette insisted. “Where were you hiding?”

“I was not hiding!” Nina defended herself. “It was so dark in there and you missed me, that’s all!”

She did not mention Henry.

Onrepparttar 105231 same afternoon, sister Pia knocked on Nina’s door.

Nina guessedrepparttar 105232 reason for this visit.

“The Police said you stayed there overnight,” she said. “This is not right for a girl like you, so, please, don’t do it again!”

“I’m sorry,” Nina apologized. “It won’t happen again.”

Sister Pia looked satisfied and left. Nina thought thatrepparttar 105233 trouble was over.

“Nina, someone is calling you,” a girl shouted fromrepparttar 105234 telephone booth some time later.

“Me?” Nina replied. “Are you sure?”

“It’s your boyfriend,” Sherry shouted back. “He wants to talk to you!”

Nina rushed torepparttar 105235 booth inrepparttar 105236 hall. Sherry had been shouting and everybody heard her.

“Hello,” she said picking uprepparttar 105237 receiver.

“Is that you, Nina?” a male voice asked. “I’m Henry.”

“Hi, Henry,” Nina said.

“Are you all right?” he asked. “I’ve called to check if everything’s Okay over there.”

“Thanks, everything’s fine,” Nina said.” “I’m fine, too. Thanks for calling.”

She was ready to hang up. “Please, wait,” Henry said. “Will you meet me this weekend?”

“Don’t know,” Nina replied.

“I promise we’ll be back early,” he insisted.

“I’m busy, I’ve got exams,” Nina lied.

“I’ll call you back next week, then?” he asked. “Okay, bye,” Nina hang up.

Sherry winked at her.

“Your new boyfriend, isn’t he?” she asked.

“He’s not my boyfriend ,” Nina said ,"but a plain friend!" She was not inrepparttar 105238 mood of joking. She was annoyed.

Inrepparttar 105239 evening, sister Pia approached Nina once more.

“I’ve heard you’re having a boyfriend ,” she told her.

Nina got annoyed.

“What if I have one?” she said.


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