The Homeschool Classroom Setting

Written by Mary Joyce

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Visual materials forrepparttar home education are a must. If you donít have a big chalkboard, invest in an easel and a big flip chart type notepad. Always sitting next torepparttar 147589 child or children isnít alwaysrepparttar 147590 best way to illustrate instruction. For one, you hand will generally always be inrepparttar 147591 way sorepparttar 147592 student canít see your visualizations as you speak. When this happens your verbal instruction doesnít match whatrepparttar 147593 child is able to see. Kind of like watching one of those foreign films whererepparttar 147594 English is dubbed in! The conversation has already happened before you see their lips move!

Of course, there are many aspects and pieces to a successful homeschool education. The home school classroom is but one of them. With a little planning and some attention to detail, as a homeschooler, you will create an environment that is conducive torepparttar 147595 child's learning.

You will be inspiringrepparttar 147596 best in a child.

Mary Joyce is a former educator, successful homeschool parent, and has written many articles on teaching your child at home for the Homeschool-Curriculum-4u website. Please visit ( for a complete list of Mary's articles.

History Does Repeat Itself

Written by Jason Liptow

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considerrepparttar following. During both invasions of Iraq, Presidents named Bush were in charge ofrepparttar 147479 military campaigns. The economic climate ofrepparttar 147480 United States was greatly altered both times. The economy went from good to bad. To look even deeper is even more frightening. Duringrepparttar 147481 invasion of Afghanistan after 9/11,repparttar 147482 United States' Armed Forces fought against weapons that had been given torepparttar 147483 Afghanistan government to combat Russia during its war with them inrepparttar 147484 1980's. That is whenrepparttar 147485 United States was on good terms with Afghanistan and was fightingrepparttar 147486 evil empire of Communism. Secondly, Osama Bin-Laden had been recruited and trained byrepparttar 147487 United States' government to helprepparttar 147488 Afghanistan people fightrepparttar 147489 Soviet Union. Ultimately, he wasrepparttar 147490 one responsible forrepparttar 147491 attacks onrepparttar 147492 United States on 9/11. One last tidbit to ponder. Duringrepparttar 147493 1980's,repparttar 147494 United States' government supportedrepparttar 147495 country of Iraq in its war against Iran. Then twenty years later, Iraq wasrepparttar 147496 enemy. Not only does history repeat itself, but in this particular example it is almost scary. And in many instances of this recent historyrepparttar 147497 irony surely cannot be dismissed or ignored. ****************************************************** Written by Jason Liptow, B.A. in Social Studies from Madonna University, teacher certification from Saginaw Valley State University in Social Studies and History isrepparttar 147498 webmaster of Social Studies Made Simple. The goal ofrepparttar 147499 website is to provide information and links about history, economics, and current events to students and teachers.

Teacher of social studies and history. BA in Social Studies from Madonna University, MSBA from Madonna University in Operations Management, teacher certification from Saginaw Valley State University.

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