The Home Business Trap

Written by Gareth Longbottom

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The next problem will be e-mail. I won't go intorepparttar benefits of automating your business fromrepparttar 117234 start right now, but believe me this isrepparttar 117235 only way to go if you don't want to spend all day answering and sending e-mail.

Devote a certain amount of time in your day to deal with e-mail chores.

You should be spending most of your time promoting and advertising your business inrepparttar 117236 early stages and e-mail will intrude on that very quickly. So plan a certain time of each day to deal with e-mail and try to stick to it unless it's urgent.

If you receive your e-mail through an alias at your website and you haverepparttar 117237 option of sending an autoresponse to each e-mail you receive, then I suggest you set one up to say something like:

_____________________________________________________ Thanks for your e-mail. Your request has been received and you will receive a response within 48 hours.

Best wishes,

Your Name or Customer Support ______________________________________________________

Including an autoresponse likerepparttar 117238 one above will buy you some time so that you can deal with your e-mail chores at your pace, without irrate customers and prospects asking why you haven't sent an immediate response.

You would be amazed atrepparttar 117239 number of e-mails I get asking why a customer or prospect hasn't received a response torepparttar 117240 e-mail they sent two minutes ago.

So automation is vital. I use a combination of autoresponders and a PC based software that I have found to be priceless.

Once you get e-mail and time management under control, you will soon find your business running smoother and you will have more time to relax and enjoy being a successful business owner.

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I’ll Take Quality Over Quantity Every Time

Written by Kirk Bannerman

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Many webmasters have not stopped to ask themselvesrepparttar all-important question…. What isrepparttar 117233 purpose of my web site? For some reason, many of them seem to think thatrepparttar 117234 purpose of their web site is to give away freebies. Or it could be to be a “showcase” for their products. Or it could be to create links to all kinds of resources. Or it could be to have fancy Flash graphics and build a brand name.

One ofrepparttar 117235 biggest mistakes people new to web design make is going for more "flash" than substance. They bog down their site with a bunch of fancy colored backgrounds, 3-D text, flash presentations, etc. If a visitor to your site is using a 56K connection and has wait to more than 8 seconds for it to load (which can easily happen on sites heavy with graphics), you can expect to lose about 1/3 of your visitors.

If you’re a business,repparttar 117236 purpose of your web site is to sell a product or service. Your web site should have one main focus. It should not be selling a dozen products, a dozen opportunities, or linking to a bunch of different affiliate programs. Presenting too many options has a tendency to confuse your visitor. When someone visits your site, it should be clearly obvious what one action you want him or her to take.

Kirk Bannerman operates a successful home based business and resides in California. For more details, visit his website at

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