The Holy Grail of Science

Written by Paras Chopra

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As we all know, our bodies are governed by genes which control just about everything about our body. Be it our physical appearance or resistance to diseases or intelligence (much debated) or inner functioning, every damn thing is controlled by our genes. It is said that if we can control genes we can controlrepparttar course of evolution. It is like ridingrepparttar 136699 car of evolution,repparttar 136700 human species being driver, passenger being earth and genes as its steering wheel.

It has been scientifically proven that every cell in our body has a type of biological clock called telomere. This clock tellsrepparttar 136701 cell when to stop dividing. If a cell is unable to reproduce then new cells are not born, hence our body dies. This is called ageing. The scientists today are trying to editrepparttar 136702 genes thus instructing cells to make longer telomere or altogether abandonrepparttar 136703 concept of telomere which can result in indefinite life span. If scientists are ever able to achieve this then it could bring a revolution. Then we’ll be able to keep body deteriorating effects of age at a bay and enjoyrepparttar 136704 full energetic life of youth atrepparttar 136705 age of 100. But even then, job would be half done.

The next front ofrepparttar 136706 battle would be ‘Diseases’. Even if we’re able to live up to 100 or more then what will keep our body protected from all those silly disease causing agents? The current method of medication will become useless very soon as more and more virus, bacteria, etc. are developing immunity against our body mechanism andrepparttar 136707 medicines. The fact that these agents mutate very rapidly makes them survive longer and longer. Butrepparttar 136708 humans have not changed at all. We are not able to mutate/change naturally as rapidly as these agents. So, it proves to be a disadvantage to us.

One way to get over this issue is to change our genes artificially. As a positive noterepparttar 136709 complete human genome has been mapped and now it isrepparttar 136710 duty ofrepparttar 136711 genetic engineers to make use of it and find a way to develop a fool-proof mechanism against these agents. Once we do this we can have very own personalized medicines or would be requiring no medicines at all. The personalized medicines will work in coordination with our immunity system. It would changerepparttar 136712 immunity system to make it capable of immunizing us to all new pathogens which our body does not know of. Then slowly, according to survival ofrepparttar 136713 fittest, allrepparttar 136714 pathogens will be wiped out of existence.

The infinite life span raises many ethical questions. Also, genetic engineering has raised moral/ethical issues world wide. But it is for socialists and politicians to sort out these issues. Scientists only know one way, which isrepparttar 136715 future. No matter how hard these politicians try to prevent them from achieving this but one day orrepparttar 136716 other they will achieve this. And then we will live indefinitely and who knows this breakthrough might happen within our lifetime. And after that, we see Indian soccer team win FIFA world cup in 2147 AD.

Paras Chopra was born in Patiala, Punjab, India on 3rd June 1987. His interests lie in subjects ranging from Nanotechnology to Biotechnology to Artificial Intelligence. His goal in life is to achieve immortality.

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The Dream Dancer's Mask

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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We covered howrepparttar ancients used spalling to get ores from rock in this book. Spalling would likely have lead to smelting due to different metals being present inrepparttar 135795 ores these people were after. We also know that certain very hard woods produce high heats and when fires are used in caves or cenotes open to prevailing winds it produces a bellows effect. Here is a little about one metal that when present in an ore reducesrepparttar 135796 melting point of gold to approximately half of its normal melting point of 1064 degrees Celsius. “There is a 22 ct yellow gold solder with a very low melting point. {We know that Greek gold used cadmium to affectrepparttar 135797 lower melting point.} This hasrepparttar 135798 composition 92.5 % gold - 6.0% germanium -1.5% silicon and is based onrepparttar 135799 ternary eutectic system. The soldering temperature is 425-450°C and althoughrepparttar 135800 joints are initially whitish in colour they can be heat treated for 2 hours at 285°C to give a good colour match to yellow gold.” (13) REQUIRED ANALYSIS: 1. How wererepparttar 135801 artifacts made? How wererepparttar 135802 symbols of minute and microscopic nature put on and intorepparttar 135803 artifacts? POSSIBILITIES: a) Harmonic drills b) Diamond drills (seems unlikely due torepparttar 135804 small size) c) Shamanic attunement causing lattices of matter to reflect specific designs akin to what one might see in Crop Circle formation. 2. Is there a development of technology over time which is demonstrated? a) Is this technology mirrored in Iowa and which one is earliest? b) What other regions ofrepparttar 135805 world might have similar artifacts or designs includingrepparttar 135806 Cretan bull we see. Will there be knowledge onrepparttar 135807 Luwian script found at 2200 feet belowrepparttar 135808 Gulf of Mexico to tie these things together withrepparttar 135809 Carolina Bays event in 8350 BCE? 3. What wasrepparttar 135810 purpose ofrepparttar 135811 artisans or shamans? Isrepparttar 135812 Orisha or Yoruba possession by demons a real thing or is it a sorcerer and his psychic possession that is involved? How many witnesses to a ritual are affected and can one shaman possess many people simultaneously? a) My personal experiences with exorcisms and possessions as well asrepparttar 135813 work of Robert Bruce and others who might be asked to attune torepparttar 135814 artifacts in ritual. b) Couldrepparttar 135815 minute symbols include information that can be tapped through harmonics? ACTION PLAN: 1. Contact and beginrepparttar 135816 process of informing experts in anthropology, archaeology, chemistry (bonding and lattices or Materials Scientists like Robins and Tiller) psychology and physics aboutrepparttar 135817 possibilities these artifacts may portend. 2. Select one institution or expert to make an appraisal ofrepparttar 135818 work done in my book that addressesrepparttar 135819 ‘who’ and ‘when’ in general terms. Maybe this person or institution will eventually seek to berepparttar 135820 dig team managers and owners ofrepparttar 135821 site. Could mining companies and investment firms be interested ifrepparttar 135822 government funded institutions find it ‘too political’? 3. Try to get a ball park onrepparttar 135823 date ofrepparttar 135824 electrum for purposes of focusing our efforts. 4. Getrepparttar 135825 archaeological ball park onrepparttar 135826 lithics if possible. If we are dealing with huge time frames due torepparttar 135827 electrum being smelted (uncertain at present) then we will have a lot more research to do onrepparttar 135828 ‘who’ or what culture(s) were involved. 5. Consider auction houses andrepparttar 135829 media at junctures which might moverepparttar 135830 process along. guest expert Seeking people who wish to get these artifacts brought to light in order to tell the truth of The Brotherhood that was invaded and destroyed with the use of bioweapons.

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