The Ho-Hum Summer Days

Written by Esther Smith

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Further, you might contemplate finally owning your own… what? Product? Ezine? Website? Article? If you have put this off for a time when you should give total concentration, now is that time. It doesn’t mean you have to write an eBook --- truthfully, I have never written one. But I DO have complete resale rights to several and get 100% ofrepparttar profits, and you should be doingrepparttar 116829 same.

Look forrepparttar 116830 eBooks with resell rights and read them. If you find a jaw-dropper, add it to your collection of eBooks with 100% profits going to you. Userepparttar 116831 Summer blahs to build your Library, and make an effort to end those “work-for-me” programs.

I like to quote Marlon Sanders when he says… “Sometimesrepparttar 116832 most expensive thing you ever do is nothing. It’s called opportunity cost. The price of ignorance is missing out on opportunities”.

Next look at reassessing your programs: which ones are paying, which ones are not? Three good, solid programs are aboutrepparttar 116833 limit for concentrated focus that offers value for your investment dollar.

Revising your website: have you over-donerepparttar 116834 bells and whistles? Would a new “opener” refresh your front page? More color? Less color? Hey, this is a great time to study other websites and incorporate what you find, and like, into your own.

Before you know it, Fall will arrive with gusto, and so willrepparttar 116835 new Internet entrepreneurs; eager and open to your ideas.

Stay inspired.

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Esther Smith is editor of Partners-For-Profit Newsletter and copywriter for The Permanent Venture. Each publication of PFP Newsletter addresses an important aspect of your profit streams. A Library of 300 digital ebooks with 100% resale rights is a "must have".

Why All The Fuss About A Good Management System?

Written by Joachim P. Dyndale

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So you could actually send your newsletter/ezine to 1000-2000 subscribers in one day, if you worked hard. But you wouldn't have time to answer any email you get from your subscribers. And more importantly, you wouldn't have much time to work on getting more subscribers! Not to mentionrepparttar fact that all that manual work is extremely boring and you probably wouldn't be able to keep at it for very long.

Having 1000 subscribers should be your first short-term goal. That's right - Short term! Do you think you'd be able to achieve this working like a maniac on allrepparttar 116828 tedious tasks involved with managing a newsletter/ezine? If you do then you need to go back torepparttar 116829 top of this article and read it again. If you still thinkrepparttar 116830 manual way is THE way, then I have failed miserably and you need to contact me so that I can explain it to you properly. Really.

A good management system automates things like adding subscribers to your opt-in list, removing subscribers who have requested it, personalizing every message sent to your subscribers, sending each message as a solo-email to each subscriber, keeping statistics that will allow you to track your success, sending email to your entire list or just a small ultra-highly targeted portion of your list at any time inrepparttar 116831 relatively near future and so on.

In other words, a good management system will save you A LOT of time, which again means that you can spend your time getting more subscribers. Even though you start small, you don't want to stay small, do you?

So if you want to build a LARGE list of opt-in subscribers, then you need to get organized and start using a good management system right fromrepparttar 116832 start. Your list is your own personal gold mine, and you should treat it as such. Don't risk making a mess of your gold mine by not being organized right fromrepparttar 116833 start.

I wish yourepparttar 116834 best of luck in your list-building adventure. Go for it! Have a great day...


Joachim Dyndale is the publisher of The Home Business Success Ezine, which provides *proven* internet marketing and home business information to people new to this business as well as to highly experienced people. Want to read more of his articles? Check out his ezine at

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