The History of Rings

Written by Martin Smith

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March - Aquamarine - sailors used aquamarine to gemstones to keep them safe and to prevent seasickness. It givesrepparttar wearer courage, foresight and courage April - Diamond - Symbol of strength, courage, and invincibility. It isrepparttar 149431 ultimate gift of love. In 1477 Archduke Maxmillian of Austria gave Mary of Burgundy a diamond ring, thus startingrepparttar 149432 tradition of diamonds being given as engagement rings. May - Emerald - Sharpenedrepparttar 149433 wearer's eyesight and mind. Travelers used them as protection againstrepparttar 149434 hazards of long trips. The green color is said to giverepparttar 149435 owner power to predictrepparttar 149436 future. June - Pearl - Freshwater pearls giverepparttar 149437 power of love, money, protection, and luck. It is said they give provide wisdom through experience and protect children from harm. July - Ruby - Its red color is related to sex, passion, strength, health, physical energy, courage, and protection. It is associated with blood, birth, and death August - Peridot -It is thought to bringrepparttar 149438 wearer good luck, peace, and success. Its powers include health, protection, and sleep. It attracts love, calms anger, eases anxiety and negative emotions September - Saphire - Its powers include spiritual enlightenment and inner peace. It is said to aid inrepparttar 149439 healing of rheumatism, colic and mental illness October -Opal - It has healing powers that aid inner beauty, faithfulness, and eyesight. It also aids in remembering past lives. November - Yellow Topaz (Sanskrit for fire) - Inrepparttar 149440 Middle Ages was thought to heal both physical and mental illnesses and prevent death. Citrine - also for November - Aidsrepparttar 149441 kidneys, heart, digestive tract liver, and muscles. It promotes creativity, personal clarity and eliminates self-destructive tendencies. December - Blue Topaz (Sanskrit for fire) - Inrepparttar 149442 Middle Ages was thought to heal both physical and mental illnesses and prevent death. Turquoise - also for December - It attracts money, success, and love. It gives protection, healing, courage, friendship, and luck. It easesrepparttar 149443 mind and mental tension.

There are school rings, engagement rings, wedding rings, friendship rings and mothers rings (usuallyrepparttar 149444 birthstones of her children set on a band. The price range of rings can be anywhere from fifty cents (usually found inrepparttar 149445 toy machines you see in stores) to thousands of dollars and more or even higher.

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The Amazing Profession of Motherhood

Written by Bill Dueease

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Mothers bring exceptional skills and experience torepparttar workplace. Mothers are far more qualified and far more valuable producers than they, orrepparttar 149325 business world realizes. The skills, experience, knowledge, sense of responsibility, wisdom, patience, leadership, organizational capabilities, resourcefulness, human relationship capabilities, and other real life skills that mothers developed overrepparttar 149326 years of motherhood are extremely valuable to people who recognize their true worth.

If you are a mother at this stage in life…

You will want to fillrepparttar 149327 void with another supportive profession. You will always be a mother to your children. However, you will experience a void when your children begin to leave home. You will eventually want (and most often need) to fill this void with another career or work position. At some point in time, you will want to convert your experience, your energies, your need for achievement, your need for involvement, your passions, and your knowledge that was fulfilled through full-time motherhood into something else. You will want to discover and operate in a new profession, or work position, or career that allows you to fulfill your many passions and desires. You want to do this without interfering with mother-related responsibilities and on your own terms.

You will want to take control of your work selection process. You will not want to rely onrepparttar 149328 unappreciative and unmotivated corporate and business worlds to selectrepparttar 149329 right professions for you. When you take control over your work selection process, you will be able to discover your true value and unleash your energies towards a new career that will be an excellent fit for you at this new point in life. When you choserepparttar 149330 new career that best suits your passions, priorities, experiences and talents you will achieve exceptional successes. You will also discover how much easier it will be to attract significant monetary and personal rewards when you operate inrepparttar 149331 new career that you love. It is never too late for you to capitalize on what you have to offer and what you want to do, when you focus your efforts towardsrepparttar 149332 right work situation for you.

It’s time to consider yourself first for once. The key to you being able to discover then attainrepparttar 149333 next career that best suits you is to look within yourself first. You come with a multitude of different experiences and priorities. Many times you are faced with option overload when you try to pickrepparttar 149334 right post full-time motherhood career. You have also focused so much of your time, energy, and thinking onrepparttar 149335 growth and improvement of your children (and spouse) that you have forgotten to take care of yourself. You will want to stop, take a deep breath, and seek what you want out ofrepparttar 149336 rest of your life.

Findrepparttar 149337 right person to assist you. How will you be able to change directions and concentrate on yourself first, to discover what personal motivations you have, after years of putting others first? You will want to findrepparttar 149338 right person who will focus only on you as a person and assist you to unravelrepparttar 149339 mystery of who you are and who you want to become. You want someone who is highly motivated to assist you, who is trustworthy, who is objective, who is nonjudgmental, and has done this before. You might consider using a friend, but objectivity becomes an issue. You could consider using a therapist, but you do not need to be fixed. Another alternative would be to consider using a professional life coach to support you in this process. We have found that mothers who use a life coach transitioned into wonderful and enjoyable new lives, without interfering with their motherhood.


Now you see why I believe that Motherhood isrepparttar 149340 most intriguing, important, and under appreciated profession inrepparttar 149341 world. Yet, most mothers don’t anticipate that motherhood also has a very unique and misunderstood reduction inrepparttar 149342 time and effort demands as their children grow up. As a mother, you will want to recognize and plan forrepparttar 149343 need to re-direct your wonderful talents and passions towards a new vocation asrepparttar 149344 daily demands of motherhood wind down. Makingrepparttar 149345 transition to a new vocation can be daunting. The best course for you to take control over this transition and selectrepparttar 149346 right vocation for you is to seek assistance fromrepparttar 149347 right person, and not try to do it alone.

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