The History of Pearls

Written by Brannon Smith

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The ancient Greeks also believed pearls should be a part ofrepparttar wedding. They thought pearls would bring love and all guests ofrepparttar 122024 wedding were adorned in pearls. Pearls were sacred wedding gems given as gifts andrepparttar 122025 word “pearl” became highly associated with “love.”

Religious writings also contain references to pearls. Early Christian writings, in conjunction withrepparttar 122026 Virgin Mary and Jesus, speak ofrepparttar 122027 value of pearls. The famous metaphor found inrepparttar 122028 Bible warns of casting pearls before swine, comparingrepparttar 122029 gems to something of value to be held close and not flaunted or shared with those who are unworthy or unappreciative of such beauty.

The Spanish used to force slaves to dive for pearls alongrepparttar 122030 Atlantic and Pacific Coasts of Central America. French explorers found Native Americans wearing pearls. As crusaders, conquerors and Christians traveled aroundrepparttar 122031 world, so didrepparttar 122032 beauty and rarity of pearls. Because ofrepparttar 122033 popularity of pearls from 1524-1658 it was known asrepparttar 122034 pearl age in Europe.

In more recent history, Iowa used to berepparttar 122035 center of trade for mother of pearl buttons until World War II when newly invented plastic took over fromrepparttar 122036 quality pearl buttons.

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A Wedding in the Bahamas

Written by Ester Napoli

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• The Bluff House Beach Hotel located in Green Turtle Bay, Abaco, Bahamas, offers a wedding package that includes: a wedding coordinator, a wedding cake, a minister or administrator to performrepparttar ceremony, a photographer,repparttar 122023 bride’s bouquet and a bottle of champagne. They will also be happy to arrange for a live band and a buffet.

• Small Hope Bay Lodge located in Andros Island, Bahamas, is a smaller resort consisting of 20 cottages, one of which is a honeymoon cottage. It offers a simple wedding package for $500 which includes allrepparttar 122024 necessary paper work, a cake and champagne, a video and photos. At this resort you can get married onrepparttar 122025 beach or even underwater!

• Bahamas Wedding Paradise is an organization that offers several wedding packages. You can select one of their packages or design your own. Packages range in price from $360 to over $3000 (please note that Bahamas Wedding Paradise is not a hotel or a resort).

Makerepparttar 122026 wedding of your dreams a reality and start your married life inrepparttar 122027 tropical paradise ofrepparttar 122028 Bahamas.

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