The History of Lancaster Castle Pt1

Written by Stuart Bazga

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In 1585, Elizabeth I rebuiltrepparttar upper storey ofrepparttar 135497 12th century Keep.

Extensive modifications were undertaken duringrepparttar 135498 18th century, convertingrepparttar 135499 castle into a prison. The use of which, has lasted for over 3 centuries. Separate complexes were built for female and male prisoners as well as a Wardens house. This wide-ranging refurbishment program began in 1788 withrepparttar 135500 warden’s house and cumulated inrepparttar 135501 prison for male inmates in 1796. The rooms ofrepparttar 135502 gatehouse were converted in to prison cells which were used to house debtors. These rooms were quite comfortable and reserved for those debtors who were able to lay their hands on a little money, enabling them to live a comfortable life compared to others inrepparttar 135503 same predicament. Prior to that they were probably used and maintained byrepparttar 135504 Castles Constable. This was notrepparttar 135505 first timerepparttar 135506 castle was used to house prisoners. A Reference to prisoners being held atrepparttar 135507 castle dates back to 1196.

The last major build program undertaken at Lancaster Castle was in 1821 when a new female prison was built torepparttar 135508 design of Joseph Gandy who had been trained by James Wyatt and had worked for John Nash.

In Pt2 we will find out aboutrepparttar 135509 infamous witch trials of 1612 and how you could have been transported to Australia duringrepparttar 135510 later half ofrepparttar 135511 18th Century. You will learn about her Royal visitors and debtors prison.

I hope you have enjoyed this read and I look forward to your visit in Part 2.

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