The Hilarious Dropheads

Written by David D. Deprice

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* Unique combination of great gameplay and extreme fun * Collect all 5 treasure chests while exploring secret islands * Animated easy-to-grasp tutorials on every single feature * Smiley characters with hilarious animations * Faster-paced chill out game with easier levels * Classic puzzle game with mind-challenging levels * 30-day unconditional money back guarantee

"Being in Video Game business, these nothing, repeat, NOTHING that can amaze me. The Dropheads did." Alex Springler "...Funny, lovable and entertaining. Dropheads is a perfect family game." Kid's Games

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“Too Much Stuff” Syndrome or How Decorating and Organizing Can Help Your Sanity

Written by Lisa DeClue

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Use a great tip I just discovered: Pick three nights a week to try on 5 items in your closet, then go to your dressers and dorepparttar same thing. At this rate,repparttar 136786 average American woman should be able to go through all her clothes in about 3 years, 9 months and 14 days. No need to worry, it’ll be a different season then!

Kids’ Toys 1.You could try to “limit”repparttar 136787 number of toys they play with each month and cycle them to and fromrepparttar 136788 garage so your little ones get variety. 2.That takes too much effort. I just threatened my boys if they left toys out on their floor at bedtime, they would be inrepparttar 136789 dumpsterrepparttar 136790 next day (the toys, silly!). Do this twice, and you’ll have this hot spot under control.

I hope these points have given you some new ways to look atrepparttar 136791 problem of clutter and refreshing methods to deal with them. Givenrepparttar 136792 fun you’ll have with that dumpster, you might want to consider renting a second one forrepparttar 136793 hubby’s stuff.

I’ll tell you what. If you really do rent a dumpster (okay, it can berepparttar 136794 smaller version) I’ll have a reward for your diligence. Ladies – Email me that you filled your dumpster torepparttar 136795 very tippy top and something funny that happened duringrepparttar 136796 process. I’ll send you a coupon for a discount on a Fragrance Lamp that will fill your home with lovely aromas. Gentlemen – Email merepparttar 136797 same (that is, that you actually rentedrepparttar 136798 thing and filled it, and an amusing related story) and I will send you a Gift Certificate for your wife. Such a deal!

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