The High Value of Business Pre-Promotion

Written by Kenny Love

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Okay, parallelingrepparttar above proverb,repparttar 125208 point is that, with a simple execution of a pre-promotion campaign involving brief introductory contact with media representatives whom we hope will grant us media coverage, combined with an appropriate amount of "lead time," we can experience dramatically greater results when we actually executerepparttar 125209 main promotion.

"Lead time" is a media term that refers torepparttar 125210 time frame required beforerepparttar 125211 publication or airing of a story. An example of "lead time" inrepparttar 125212 music business, isrepparttar 125213 advance release process of a recording. Most people have probably heardrepparttar 125214 phrases, "release date," or "street release date."

These terms refer torepparttar 125215 actual date that a recording is to be available for sale in record retail stores in order that fans can purchase them. The pre-promotion time frame for a recording is, generally, anywhere from 3-6 months. You can use this same time frame, more or less, for your own unique business, product, or service's pre-promotion.

Another phrase for pre-promotion inrepparttar 125216 music industry is "creating a buzz." Thankfully, this it has absolutely nothing to do with results experienced from smoking funny-smelling cigarettes not yet legally available overrepparttar 125217 counter. :-)

Pre-promotion can also be described in even more familiar terms; "primer," "warm-up," "date beforerepparttar 125218 courtship," and "courtship before marriage." You getrepparttar 125219 point.

In other words, you are "pre-selling" and providing your prospective media representative with advance mouth- watering information of what is to come inrepparttar 125220 interest of piquing his/her interest so that he/she says, "Yeah! I love it! And my readers/listeners/viewers will love it too!"

Now, taking this information, execute it online for even greater and faster results. Just try works!

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10 Bulletproof Strategies For High Rolling Profits!

Written by Larry Dotson

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7. Give free e-mail consultations to your customers. When you e-mail them back your advice include a small ad for a back end product your selling.

8. Encourage your customers or visitors to e-mail you questions about your product or web site. Just include your sig file with your reply.

9. Give out free web space on your server. Many of your visitors may want to publish their own web site. Just require that they publish your banner ad.

10. Design web sites for other businesses for free. Just require them to publish your banner or text ad somewhere on their home page.

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