The High Profit Magic Bullet!

Written by Grady Smith

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So, how do you design effective high profit bullets?

Start by outlining every single benefit your product offers. Make sure you look at it fromrepparttar perspective of how your product would benefit a prospective client.

Now go through each benefit and rewrite it so that it creates excitement. You know, instead of writing “Learn how to make money online”, write “The One Secret That Can Easily Make You Thousands Online.”

Lay them out in easy to read bullets. Write a ton of them. Explain every last benefit your reader will get with your product and do it in an exciting, specific way. Sometimes I’ll read three benefits and I’m ready to make a purchase. Really, sometimes that’s all it takes.

So will it work for you? Yes, if done properly you should see a steady stream of online profits from your work. Spendrepparttar 127355 time to invest in this strong sales tool. Rework your Magic Bullets until you create a short, specific, exciting benefit. Then do it again and again for each of your benefits. Soon, you’ll seerepparttar 127356 real charm of Magic Bullets, and that magic is huge profits for you.

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Neutralize The Unspoken Objections To Increase Your Sales

Written by Bob Leduc

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Some of your prospective customer didn't buy from you because they put a higher priority on spending their money for something else. You can get many of these sales by persuading them to make YOUR product or service their priority.

For example, develop some special offers your prospects can't resist. Create offers so enticing your prospects feel compelled to make your product or service their priority purchase.

TIP: Include a deadline for every offer. It forces procrastinating prospects to make a decision. Many will decide to buy immediately so they don't forfeit your "good deal".


Your prospects bought things inrepparttar past that didn't producerepparttar 127354 promised results. That makes them skeptical of your promises. Some ofrepparttar 127355 ways you can overcome their skepticism include:

** Eliminate any risk of loss. Guarantee your customer's satisfaction. Offer to refund your customer's money if they don't getrepparttar 127356 results they expect.

** Prove your history of delivering what you promise. Provide testimonials from satisfied customers as evidence you've lived up to your promises inrepparttar 127357 past.

** Make yourself available -- personally or by phone. This is especially effective for Internet Marketers. Prospective customers feel more secure when they can talk with a real person.

Neutralize all 3 of these unspoken objections before you ask your prospects to buy. Do it in your web pages, your sales letters, your personal presentations -- every message designed to generate sales. You'll see an immediate increase in your sales volume.

Bob Leduc is a Sales Consultant with 30 years experience in generating low-cost leads. For more info: Email: Subject: "Postcards". Phone: 702-658-1707 After 10 AM Pacific Time/Las Vegas, NV

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