The Hidden Tiger:

Written by Kevin J Vella

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Most computers do not handle page file memory efficiently and often leave information there that is not needed anymore.

You must balancerepparttar amount of RAM available withrepparttar 141584 amount of page file memoryrepparttar 141585 computer creates. This may be difficult and aside from getting your hands dirty to tweakrepparttar 141586 system physically yourself, there are automatic optimizers that will do this for you.

3. The hard drive:

A fast hard drive and its connection torepparttar 141587 CPU is also extremely important. The faster these two elements are,repparttar 141588 less delays you will experience because of page file memory allocation.

Given your present hardware configuration, however, you need something that warns you whenrepparttar 141589 hard drive is overloaded and needs attention.

Some performance optimizers, like SpeedUpMyPC, help you do this quickly and easily.

4. Starting up:

Overrepparttar 141590 lifetime of your PC, you will find yourself installing a portfolio of programs.

As this collection increases, so willrepparttar 141591 number of shortcuts in your automatic start-up list increase without your knowledge and approval.

As you add more programs that must be started when you switch on your computer, you will see a general degradation of performance and a slow down in boot-up times.

Controlling what you install and making sure that you have cleared all unwanted residuals from uninstalls is a good way of reducing start-up times.

However, sometimes there are so many processes to control and keep track of that good start-up management becomes difficult if not impossible.

Some performance optimizers list allrepparttar 141592 auto-started applications allowing you to stop those that you don’t need anymore.

5. Background applications:

Spyware and other malicious programs work inrepparttar 141593 background and are invisible even torepparttar 141594 Windows Task Manager.

Aside from privacy and security issues, they cause your PC to start executing tasks indiscriminately thus reducingrepparttar 141595 priority of legitimate programs and causing serious slow downs.

A few performance optimizers help you make sure that you block any of these threats to ensure that your PC is more stable and powerful.

Next week, I will take a look at how these performance optimizers work and what you need to look out for when choosing one for your new tiger!

Kevin J Vella is the author of this article and the Public Relations Manager of Uniblue Systems, a leading developer of Performance and Security Solutions for Home and Business users:

Daffodil DB: Web Database

Written by Parveen Aggarwal

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PHP is easy to use for web development because it has been designed fromrepparttar onset forrepparttar 141553 web environment. PHP has many built-in functions that make web programming simpler, so that programmers can focus onrepparttar 141554 logic of programming without wasting precious development time.

PHP as a language has its own way of doing things, and atrepparttar 141555 same time, has borrowed features from other languages. But for many people,repparttar 141556 main reason for learning a scripting language like PHP is because ofrepparttar 141557 interaction with databases it can offer. Moreover, PHP is cross platform i.e. it allows you to use/develop your solution on multiple OSs.

PHP is one ofrepparttar 141558 fastest growing server side scripting languages around and you need to add it to your current arsenal of Perl, ASP, JSP, JavaScript, VBScript, Java...

PHP and Daffodil DB: Together…?

Daffodil has come up with a PHP extension module that makes Daffodil DB/One$DB compatible with PHP. It is a database extension module driver that is required to work with Daffodil DB in PHP. This extension module usesrepparttar 141559 capabilities of a Java database and extends it to your web infrastructure.

By using this extensive module, PHP developers can create sophisticated data-driven web applications, having Daffodil DB as a web database, in a fraction ofrepparttar 141560 time and with reduced cost.

PHP extension for Daffodil DB provides a simple, yet effective means for connecting to Daffodil DB from within PHP. The JVM is created using JNI invocation interface and everything runs in-process.

This PHP Extension module will boost open Source activities around Daffodil DB. Moreover, open Source stack -Linux, Apache, One$DB, and PHP; all being open source products, will give an ultimate combination to web development community.

PHP is platform independent, Daffodil DB is platform independent. PHP is free; so as Daffodil DB (open source version).PHP is open source; Daffodil DB has an open source version. So What about usingrepparttar 141561 powers of two most promising technologies, PHP and Daffodil DB, together…?

The capabilities of Daffodil DB

This article has been contributed by (Mr.) Parveen Aggarwal, Technical Consultant to DSL India ( With more than 6 years of industry experience in Java and allied technologies, he has an in-depth understanding of J2EE, J2ME and database management systems. Parveen is currently working on the concept of data-archiving in embedded databases.

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