The Hidden Fortune in Website "Stats"

Written by Jim Edwards

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It does you no good to attract general traffic to your site - you want unique, targeted visitors actively seeking your product or service.

Leads - a valid email address usually makesrepparttar best "lead" since people can and do give fake names and addresses online.

If someone won't give you a valid email address, chances are they won't give you their credit card to make a purchase either.

Email leads enable you to measure interest and to follow up with prospects.

Once you knowrepparttar 143096 number of unique visitors to your site you can calculaterepparttar 143097 percentage of leads you develop and concentrate on ways to improve your conversion by testing different offers and headlines.

Sales -repparttar 143098 number of sales as compared to unique visitors represents your most critical statistic because it tells you whether or not you've made a profit.

For every hundred visitors to your site, how many sales do you make and how much money do you net?

Most failed dot-com's never bothered to answer this simple question.

Selling onrepparttar 143099 web is a "numbers game" - learn how to makerepparttar 143100 numbers work for you!

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“Web Content Management System fr Window”: Search Engine Typos

Written by Joe Miller

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That doesn’t seem so bad. Who doesn’t want to narrow downrepparttar search? The problem is thatrepparttar 142975 number of indexed pages is notrepparttar 142976 only difference with search engine typos;repparttar 142977 poor search engines are trying to findrepparttar 142978 most relevant pages they can torepparttar 142979 misspelled search, but it may not find what you need. Onrepparttar 142980 one hand, you have tens of millions of relevant pages with a correct search; onrepparttar 142981 other hand, you have hundreds of thousands of semi-relevant pages. Which would you rather have?

Search engine typos are very common, but they do alterrepparttar 142982 relevance of your results.

Joe Miller is an author of informational articles and online advertisements on business, technology, and health. “Web content management system fr window” is actually “web content management system for windows”.

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