The Hero's Journey

Written by Robert Knowlton

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Our job is to overcome these five hindrances.

In this Hero's Journey,repparttar hero is not some god or goddess. The hero is you andrepparttar 124019 hero is me. We are simple human beings who seek to develop awareness of who we are, what our strengths and gifts are, andrepparttar 124020 nature of our purpose so we can live happy, fulfilling lives.

Along this journey we unconsciously get caught by these distractions and diversions of restlessness, sloth, aversion, craving and doubt.

This is whererepparttar 124021 power of understanding your purpose comes in. The antidote to uncertainty and doubt is found in recognizing your strengths -- acknowledging your strengths. You, as your own hero, must uncover and accept your core qualities, your natural gifts, your purpose and your personal connection to something much larger -- your Vision. Without a solid foundation of self-understanding, you have no weapons with which to conquer doubt and other challenges.

Please note -- You don't have to do this work. I don't have to do this work. We don't have to examine our lives to survive and be comfortable...unless you believe Socrates who wrote, "The unexamined life is not worth living."

I have found, to be successful in living my hero's journey, it certainly helps to know I can summon, conjure up and count onrepparttar 124022 strengths within me to help me with my battles. It helps, but even knowing and accepting my strengths doesn't mean it's easy. And you know what? When I step back and look at my life objectively, despiterepparttar 124023 doubts, my purpose is always there to support me. I love what I do and my life is rich. It has taken time and effort and movement through lots of discomfort. Yet when I reflect on this journey I am more content, knowing I am following my true path even when I don't know where it will lead.

There is still a lot of work to do to keep from slipping into my comfort zone. Knowing I am not alone and that we are all on our own hero's journey helps me to battle through my doubts and distractions

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Life Mission

Written by Rinatta Paries

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Please answerrepparttar following questions. You will getrepparttar 124018 best result by writing down your answers.

Section A. ---------- * What arerepparttar 124019 things you most love doing? * How do you most like to impact others? * Why do people like being around you? * What actions toward others come most naturally to you (are you a good listener, problem solver, etc.)? * How have you positively impactedrepparttar 124020 people in your life? * What qualities about you create this kind of impact? * What activity makes you feel as if time disappears and you are in bliss?

Section B. ---------- * What isrepparttar 124021 legacy you want to leave behind you? * How do you wantrepparttar 124022 world to be impacted because of your contribution?

Section C. ---------- * How dorepparttar 124023 answers from Section A fit intorepparttar 124024 picture from Section B? * What is it that you do naturally to create your Section B impact onrepparttar 124025 world?

Section D. ---------- * Your answers torepparttar 124026 above questions describe your life mission,repparttar 124027 spark within you. Now takerepparttar 124028 time to synthesize your answers into one powerful sentence. Write it so that it inspires you and clearly speaks to you.

Here are some ways to start: My life is for... I am up to... What I do is... Etc.

Section E. ---------- * Make your life mission statement even more powerful and concise. Make it an "I" statement. For example, my life mission is: I make a difference in people's lives.

Does your statement speak to you? Does it inspire you, make you want to celebrate, give you energy? Does it make you want to jump into action? If so, you have found your life mission. Congratulations! If not, do this exercise a few times. Go deeply within yourself. Your mission will certainly emerge.

Now that you have your life mission, would you love to know how to use it to attract your ideal relationship and create a great life? Read next week's newsletter for some very inspiring ideas.

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