The Harvesters Part 1

Written by Laurie Rogers

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What on earth are these people thinking? Are they new? Are they just plain STUPID? I'm not even going to ask where their morals are. I think what really get's us going is, how nice it is to have so much time on their hands, and so graciously grant themselvesrepparttar 132754 right to HARVEST and then, SELL our email addresses! What do they do wake up and decide, "well I think I'll start harvesting email addresses"?

What would make anyone stoop to that level? You can't tell me they're bored, because there are tons of things to do online. I personally keep asking for an extra 4 or 5 hours added torepparttar 132755 day just so I can get MY work done on time! I guess I just don't get it. (Oh but I do get their spam and TON'S of it, which isrepparttar 132756 reason WHY I need those extra 4 to 5 hours added to MY busy day!)

Laurie Rogers is co-author of the Ezine Resource Guide, She is the owner of Optin Frenzy - a paid list building program for ezine publishers You can obtain more of Laurie's articles at:

Knock Out Spam With the One-Two Punch

Written by Sharon Fling

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Here's an example of an email address:

"johndoe@ someserv"

which appears as:

To makerepparttar link clickable, you need to includerepparttar 132749 HREF tag, i.e.

" nospam@my m"

which appears as:

Try it. Copy either of those expressions (WITHOUTrepparttar 132750 quotes), save it in an HTML file, and open it in your browser. It looks and acts just like any other email link, butrepparttar 132751 spam bots only see numbers and characters.

Here are a few free email encoders:

(JavaScript utility)

(JavaScript utility, doesn't include HREF tag)

(emailsrepparttar 132752 results to you)

Encoded e-mail addresses can be read and translated back intorepparttar 132753 original ASCII text by almost any web browser, so you can use encoding wherever you can use HTML. I've replaced regular email links with encoded links on all of my websites.

Unfortunately not all forums will let you use HTML. In those cases, you'll have to rely on puttingrepparttar 132754 NOSPAM in your email address, or using only "throwaway" email addresses such as from Yahoo or hotmail when posting to public places. Another trick: spell out your email address, i.e. my email address is "sharon at" or "sharon at geolocal dot com." Not as good as being encoded and clickable but better than nothing.

Of course, spammers are a clever bunch. Whatever we come up with, they'll find a way around. Pretty soon they'll probably program their nasty spam bots to translate encoded emails for them.

The only answer for that is to replace email links with an IMAGE of your email address. Only human eyes can see that an image is an email address, so it can't be harvested. But, *don't* linkrepparttar 132755 image to your email address unless it's encoded - that would defeatrepparttar 132756 purpose, which is to make your email address unreadable byrepparttar 132757 spam bots.

The downside is that human eyes will have to manually type your address to send you an email. Unfortunately, that includes people you WANT to hear from. There's no way around that. Hopefully one day we won't need to go to such lengths to avoid what has becomerepparttar 132758 scourge ofrepparttar 132759 internet.

So, to summarize:

1) use Mailwasher to delete and bounce spam, which hopefully will get you dropped from spam lists, and

2) encode your email address on web pages and other places where it can be harvested. Tryrepparttar 132760 one-two punch and see if it works for you. If nothing else, it will give yourepparttar 132761 satisfaction of knowing spammers are getting useless messages in their mailboxes too.

Sharon Fling is the author of "How To Promote Your Local Business On the Internet", and publishes an electronic newsletter that gives business owners tips, tools and resources for targeting local customers. For more information, visit or send a blank email to:

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