The Habit of MLM Success

Written by Andre Best

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Do you do those actions before that happens? Probably not.

Why not? Because your conscious mind will stop you with allrepparttar reasons 'why not to' do that stuff.

Rather what WILL happen when this process becomes a habit within your mind is your thoughts will essentially get taken over byrepparttar 122502 subconscious mind. Your thoughts will be passed down intorepparttar 122503 subconscious mind and it just dictatesrepparttar 122504 actions that you desire without you having to repeat yourself.

Your subconscious mind doesn't judge, opinionate, disagree, agree, or even care about what you want it to do and what you are telling it to do from your conscious mind. It just accepts your desired activity request and follows through with it.

And what happens then?

Voila! A habit is formed.


Now, let's move on to your MLM business.


What are your habits pertaining to your MLM business? I'll bet that they aren't too good or too effective. Otherwise, you wouldn't be reading this article, would you?

NO badgering intended on my part, justrepparttar 122505 truth. :-)

Again, what are your habits with your beginning and maybe floundering MLM biz? Do you haverepparttar 122506 habits that all successful MLM'ers have? Do you work on your business inrepparttar 122507 right 'HABITUAL' way?

The way that those successful MLM folks do?

Do you work on yourself in a way that will grow you as a person so that your business will grow along with you? Or are you stuck in trying to figure out how to make all of this work without really sticking withrepparttar 122508 successful actions?

You see, since you're probably not making it happen too well with your MLM biz, or you're just starting out with it, you probably don't have any successful habits with your biz.

This is not pounding-on-you or beating-you-up time from me. I'm just statingrepparttar 122509 facts.

I ask you, why would you haverepparttar 122510 habits of MLM success down pat? Right now, today, you wouldn't. If you did, you'd be an MLM heavy wouldn't you?

So, since we agree that getting intorepparttar 122511 habit of MLM is your ultimate goal so that you make your primary deal work and get this puppy rolling torepparttar 122512 finish line for you, then you need to do a little work on your conscious mind and re- program that subconscious mind hiding beneath it.

You need to implant into your subconscious mindrepparttar 122513 habits of successful MLM'ers.

You need to haverepparttar 122514 daily necessary thoughts that createrepparttar 122515 behaviors and actions to grow your business AND yourself become as automatic as driving that car onrepparttar 122516 freeway whilst you chew and drink and listen and curse at those 'other' ignorant drivers.

Yes, it has to become that automatic. Otherwise, you won't make it. I guarantee you that.


You see, your mind, our minds, are allrepparttar 122517 same. Basically.

And it is our 'mind' and only our mind that separates us from our pets. There is nothing more unique aboutrepparttar 122518 human body than what can be found in your pet cat or dog's body. Seriously.

Butrepparttar 122519 only thing that you do have that is unique to you as an organism on this planet is your 'mind'. And all that that entails.

That'srepparttar 122520 great gift you've got and you need to learn how to properly program it so that you succeed in life and in your MLM business. You see, you need to develop some new habits.

You need to developrepparttar 122521 habit of working on your business instead of watchingrepparttar 122522 television for three hours every night.

You need to developrepparttar 122523 habit of getting up an hour early every day to read a self-help book instead of sleeping-in again.

You need to stay away fromrepparttar 122524 movie theater for that Saturday afternoon matinee so that you can get intorepparttar 122525 habit of using that time for calling those leads or that list you have. You need to develop that habit.

You need to developrepparttar 122526 habit of believing in your company, your products, your business,repparttar 122527 MLM industry, and most importantly... yourself. Yes, you need to make that a habit.

You don't have it that way yet. I know you don't.

You need to do what it takes to change your mind and you need to do it as many times as you find necessary until you're livingrepparttar 122528 life of an MLM'er who is successful.

You need to inject into your days AND your liferepparttar 122529 habits of success in your MLM business that will get you what you want out of it.


What you are inrepparttar 122530 habit of doing right now WON'T get you there.

I'll repeat that.

What you are inrepparttar 122531 habit of doing right now WON'T get you there.

Accept that. It won't.

But like a computer, your mind and your subconscious mind can be reprogrammed with success. And that reprogramming is not up to...

...your upline,

...your partner in life,,

...your friends,

...your Higher Power,

...your parents,

...or anyone or anything else.

It's ultimately up to YOU.

Again, your life needs to become filled withrepparttar 122532 daily habits of successful MLM'ers.

You have to unconsciously choose and then do those actions that WILL get you what you are working towards with your business. They have to be automatic autopilot actions. Otherwise YOU'LL get inrepparttar 122533 way.

Like you are now.

And that is why you're spinning your wheels. And are frustrated to no end.


Get OUT of your way.

Get INTO your mind.

Developrepparttar 122534 habits of successful MLM'ers. Look for them. Findrepparttar 122535 one's who made it big inrepparttar 122536 90's. Perhaps evenrepparttar 122537 late 90's. They know what it takes to make it big in today's MLM industry.

Mimic their actions. Mimic their thoughts. Mimic THEM.

Readrepparttar 122538 books they do. Listen torepparttar 122539 tapes they do. Work on your-SELF like they are. Absorb their habits of BEING and doing MLM until you 'become' them in thought and activity. And you do what they do without second-guessing any of it.

Get your-self on autopilot.

Get your old programming erased.

Get your conscious mind out ofrepparttar 122540 picture and delve into programming your subconscious mind. Yes, that unique part of you that has nothing to offer you but what you program it with.

Program it withrepparttar 122541 habit of MLM success.

Remember that overused saying... 'Change your mind, change your life'?

Now you know why it's so critical for you to do more than just read and remember it.

Go ahead. Change your mind.

And get inrepparttar 122542 habit of MLM success, okay?

Andre Best is the owner of - a generic MLM resource site offering over 400 printed pages of unique information for struggling and beginning MLM/network marketers.

"...Nope. Sorry. Too Busy."

Written by Andre Best

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(I know, some of you might be thinking 'If they're stupid enough to drive a 150-horsepower engine on wheels without a helmet... let 'em facerepparttar consequences of bugs in-betweenrepparttar 122501 teeth andrepparttar 122502 results from crashingrepparttar 122503 bike.' Well, unfortunately, once they open up their silly little noggin's onrepparttar 122504 asphalt roadway when they layrepparttar 122505 bike down at 75 mph we Arizonians are all stuck with paying forrepparttar 122506 medical rehabilitation costs. Strange laws we have here inrepparttar 122507 U.S.of A., eh?)

I digressed off of my digression. Sorry.

Anyway,repparttar 122508 conversation I overheard was...

Concerned 'Person A' (after seeing a non-helmeted rider just arrive in a shopping mall parking lot): "Do you think we should go over there and tell that guy what could happen to him if he crashes while riding his motorcycle? Do you think we should tell him it's not safe to be riding his motorcycle without a helmet?"

Non-concerned 'Person B': "Why do that?... Don't you think he ALREADY maderepparttar 122509 decision to not wear a helmet?"

Good response. Person B made a keen insight into human thinking. ---~~~=== Comment - End ===~~~---

Okay, back to this time stuff.

How can this insight help you specifically grow your biz? Well, how about you now really know whatrepparttar 122510 vast majority of, if not all, people are *really* saying when they answer your request to join their deal and they say they 'don't haverepparttar 122511 time'.

Does that make them a bad person? NO, of course not.

Does that make them a liar? Well, let's be nice here.

I would venture a guess that they don't truly know just exactly what they are saying with their answer. Just like I didn't know at first when I answered my lovely wife's question about my biz.

I truly believed I didn't have enough time to do certain things that she thought I should be doing. But what was actually happening wasn't that I didn't haverepparttar 122512 time to dorepparttar 122513 actions she thought I should be able to do -- rather I wasn't making these enough of a priority to allow me to actually decide to TAKErepparttar 122514 time to do them.

Interesting twist there wasn't it.

So, digging deeper here...

When a prospect tells you that they don't haverepparttar 122515 time to do your deal with you, you now know that your deal is not important enough for them to do.

At least for right now.

They don't have doing a biz up there on their priority list. They may *want* to do one. But not right now because if they did they truly would makerepparttar 122516 time to work with you.

It's pretty simple when you think about it.

Obviously, we're all humans (duh :-) and as humans we mostly don't want to hurt others feelings. So we tell that little white lie to those others and also to ourselves. Instead of doingrepparttar 122517 work and figuring out for ourselves what it is that we actually want to be doing in life, we would mostly rather go along and takerepparttar 122518 easy route and just tell ourselves that we don't haverepparttar 122519 time to do certain things.

Certain things that would have major impact on our life and existence on this plane. If only we made them a priority.

I know that this is tough to see for some of us. I know that this is why we're told to takerepparttar 122520 six things we want to do that day and prioritize them from most to least important. Even though they may all be important to us still just categorize them from one to six onrepparttar 122521 list. And then do number one and don't move on torepparttar 122522 next one until that one is completed. Totally done.

THAT is a good way to figure out one's priorities for that day. But again...

THAT is a lot of focused work to complete that task.

And most folks won't truly have 'doing a biz' up there EVERY day on their list of six priority things to do.

THAT my friends is what should help you, again, to know in another way how to sift and sort those prospects as you work your biz.

Don't fight with your prospects.

Don't argue with them.

Don't 'overcome that objection' of not enough time.

Rather, just accept what they say. Because now you know what they are truly saying.

...And then just move on torepparttar 122523 next prospect. And hey, whatrepparttar 122524 heck, just come back to that person in a few months or so and ask them again what's up in their life and if they truly show interest in your deal, maybe they now 'haverepparttar 122525 time'.


Andre Best is the owner of - a generic MLM resource site offering over 400 printed pages of unique information for struggling and beginning MLM/network marketers.

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