The Gun Control Debate

Written by Kenny Du

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The latest incarnation ofrepparttar gun control debate has been inrepparttar 149907 form ofrepparttar 149908 Assault Weapons Ban of 1994, which Congress failed to uphold in its latest session. The law prohibitedrepparttar 149909 sale of any semi-automatic assault weapons manufactured after 1994. Supporters ofrepparttar 149910 ban said it helped keep violent weapons offrepparttar 149911 street, while opponents claimed it imposed a confusing classification system, was overly restrictive and had little effect on controlling violent crime.

Gun rights advocates argue that a well-armed public helps prevent crime and ensure personal safety. Gun control proponents, onrepparttar 149912 other hand, fear that widespread gun ownership actually increases crime rates and leads to other negative outcomes, both public and private. Isrepparttar 149913 Second Amendment out-of-date, or does it guarantee an integral right?

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At a time whenrepparttar party held its greatest political power a small minority was calling for a return torepparttar 149854 moderation that they believedrepparttar 149855 party once stood for. Unfortunatelyrepparttar 149856 voices ofrepparttar 149857 reasonable were drowned out by those that claimed thatrepparttar 149858 results ofrepparttar 149859 elections were enough forrepparttar 149860 party to forsake respect forrepparttar 149861 truth.

The Democratic party issuedrepparttar 149862 following statement,

"We offer our condolences to those unsuspecting souls that were blindsided by these events. You are in our thoughts and our prayers and we wish yourepparttar 149863 best.

The Republican party was a fierce political adversary andrepparttar 149864 competitor in all of us will miss their fighting spirit. In years pastrepparttar 149865 Republican party has tried to keep us honest, sometimes more so than we tried to keep ourselves. For this we thank them for their shining example of what becomes of a party that fails to turn that discerning eye inward to introspectively correct faults and remain humble.

The example that has arisen out ofrepparttar 149866 ashes could not be clearer. Whatever organizations come to representrepparttar 149867 disparate groups affected by these events will be better off for it. Homage, no matter how bizarre, must be paid posthumously torepparttar 149868 Republican party for allowing this much needed evolution and for this we again thank them."

Services will be held atrepparttar 149869 Lincoln Memorial at 900 Ohio Drive, S.W. Washington, DC 20024. Memorial donations may be made to Amnesty international, Children's Defense Fund, American Civil Liberties Union,repparttar 149870 Natural Resources Defense Council, Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting, NAACP,repparttar 149871 United Nations, Sierra Club, Human Rights Watch, Greenpeace, Citizens for Tax Justice, andrepparttar 149872 Public Broadcasting Service.

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