The Guide To Better Car Buying Deals

Written by John G. Nuble

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Car buying guide #3: Be onrepparttar look out for special sales and promos

Most car dealers and even websites will always come up with a promo or a special deal guaranteed to outsellrepparttar 149998 competition. You can also leave your contact details and askrepparttar 149999 car dealers that you have visited to inform you of upcoming promos. That way, you will stay up to date and would be able to compare different deals offered by different companies. One can also try looking for great deals overrepparttar 150000 Internet.

Car buying guide #4: Buy atrepparttar 150001 right season

One car buying guide that is a sure hit is perfectingrepparttar 150002 timing of buying a car. Usually, car dealers go on sale byrepparttar 150003 end of December as there is low demand for expensive gadgets. Because ofrepparttar 150004 Christmas shopping rush, few actually buy a car at this period of time. Another great time is on July to October where new models have to replacerepparttar 150005 new. Sometimes, car manufacturers even offer big discounts just to be rid ofrepparttar 150006 stock.

Car buying guide #5: Beware of Add-ons

Some dealers would put add-on services that you do not really need untilrepparttar 150007 price skyrockets. Beware of these add-ons and really determine if that is something that you would like for your car.

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Is Your Car Finish Being Eaten Away?

Written by K.M. Dodd

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With that said, as always I like to wet downrepparttar car real good with water to remove what I can before I start car washing and you should too, it gets of somerepparttar 149929 dirt that I would otherwise have to.(I know call me lazy) Also before you suds away, this is a good time to remove any bugs and tar using a bug and tar remover. Gold Class Bug and Tar Remover isrepparttar 149930 way to go here.

Then begin by cleaning and doingrepparttar 149931 Wheels and Tires. I have written an article on that for you, so if you want to start withrepparttar 149932 article before moving on.

Using a soapy sponge, and withrepparttar 149933 car wet down applyrepparttar 149934 bug and tar remover going overrepparttar 149935 car until you get all those unsitely trouble spots. After you are finished, rinse area with water.

Starting atrepparttar 149936 Top ofrepparttar 149937 vehicle go ahead start to washrepparttar 149938 car, taking a moment between passes to rinserepparttar 149939 car off, as you work your way down fromrepparttar 149940 top torepparttar 149941 moldings.

Remember cleanrepparttar 149942 wash mit often in order to keep as much dirt as possible, from being introduced back on torepparttar 149943 paint. While car washing be sure to getrepparttar 149944 door jams,repparttar 149945 area outliningrepparttar 149946 trunk and up underrepparttar 149947 hood in that hood pocket outliningrepparttar 149948 engine.

Its important to washrepparttar 149949 car completely from top down, asrepparttar 149950 bottom is alwayrepparttar 149951 dirtiest, as well as underrepparttar 149952 hood area so do those last. Preferably with a different Wash mit either way remember not to introduce a dirty wash mit back on torepparttar 149953 paint.

Drying The Car

I like to use a Dual Pile Microfiber towel to dryrepparttar 149954 car with. Starting withrepparttar 149955 windows first, go ahead and dryrepparttar 149956 car off. Then after you getrepparttar 149957 windows. Start drying from top down like you washedrepparttar 149958 car. Dorepparttar 149959 door jams, and Trunk lid, and underrepparttar 149960 hood, after you have dried allrepparttar 149961 other panels ofrepparttar 149962 car like we talked about.

That way we continually eliminaterepparttar 149963 chance for scratches and swirl marks while you are car washing. If washingrepparttar 149964 car inrepparttar 149965 sunlight try not to letrepparttar 149966 water dry on you, or it will leave water spots. So dorepparttar 149967 car washing out of direct sunlight if at all possible.

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