The Great Opportunity

Written by Neil Millar

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I had been upset. I had been dwelling onrepparttar down side of my relationship break-up. In particular I had been regretting so many wasted years. I was feeling just awful whenrepparttar 136468 thought I am telling you about travelled through my brain like an express train. The thought was this:

“I am a lucky man, in an enviable position and I’m a free to createrepparttar 136469 most incredible relationship withrepparttar 136470 most incredible woman I’ve ever met.”

Until that moment I had no idea thatrepparttar 136471 break-up of my relationship had a positive side, but that realisation made me laugh. That realisation reshaped my day. In fact it did a lot more than that…

Overrepparttar 136472 next few days I still had plenty of moments when I thought about allrepparttar 136473 things that hurt me. The good thing was though thatrepparttar 136474 “I’m a lucky man…’ thoughts kept returning. I realise now that what I had begun to do was let go of my attachment to my past relationship.

I begun to spend time sitting down with my eyes shut and repeatingrepparttar 136475 thoughts that I was now free to createrepparttar 136476 most incredible relationship. As I did this it was like cords breaking. The heartache and pain subsided gradually overrepparttar 136477 following days and I began to feel somehow lighter, like a little of my pain had been lifted off.

Within four months that incredible relationship began to unfold. First I met this wonderful woman. We became close friends and from thererepparttar 136478 magic has just continued to unfold.

Try this:

For a moment close your eyes. Think about one thing that is causing you heart-ache. Now, be playful and imagine that this pain is in fact a great opportunity. Smile as you think aboutrepparttar 136479 opportunity that is now available to you right now. It may be a relationship. It may be a change of job. Whatever it is, just remember that as one door closes another opens…

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The Most Powerful Knowledge Available To Man

Written by Murray Hughes

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You are using this power every moment of every day, it cannot be turned off. The difference betweenrepparttar Henry Fords and Thomas Edisons ofrepparttar 136310 world and most other people isrepparttar 136311 former harnessed this power and then took ACTION. Through their intense desire, belief and persistence they created what others said was impossible!

Can you see it is by no accident that you are reading this article right now? Your desire for a better life has caused it to be in front of you. Your desire for wealth and freedom has put this article and its message up for your consideration.

Are ready and aware enough to seize opportunity?

Embrace your power and TAKE ACTION NOW!

I want you to be a you?

Dreamrepparttar 136312 unbelievable dream. Believe in your success. Createrepparttar 136313 life of your desires.

Written by Murray Hughes

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