The Grandest Slam – The Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta, Georgia

Written by Jim Hollister

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Jones' vision was for a course that would utilizerepparttar natural advantages ofrepparttar 139361 property using mounds rather than too many bunkers to create challenges forrepparttar 139362 players. In our days at Augusta we will walkrepparttar 139363 18 holes, sprinting over fairways and through tall pines to chase players, skirting past water hazards and sand traps, climbing over Jones' mounds and up and downrepparttar 139364 abundant hills. And more than once I will think to myself, "Man, is there any level ground on this course?"

The Augusta National Golf Club had its formal opening in January of 1933 withrepparttar 139365 first National Invitation Tournament a year later in 1934. In 1937, club members began to wearrepparttar 139366 signature green jackets duringrepparttar 139367 tournament so that patrons could easily identify a reliable source of information. Just two years later, in 1939,repparttar 139368 competition officially became known as The Masters and in 1949repparttar 139369 first green jacket "trophy" was awarded to Sam Snead, that year's Masters Champion.

Overrepparttar 139370 half century Fruitland Nurseries had been in business its owners had imported trees and plants from aroundrepparttar 139371 globe. Whilerepparttar 139372 nursery had ceased operation more than a decade beforerepparttar 139373 tandem of Jones and Roberts arrived, there were still a wide variety of flowering plants and trees onrepparttar 139374 property. This variety included a row of magnolias, which was planted beforerepparttar 139375 Civil War and another plant, popularized byrepparttar 139376 former owners, calledrepparttar 139377 Azalea. Today, visitors to Augusta National enter throughrepparttar 139378 main gate and drive 330 yards betweenrepparttar 139379 61 Magnolia trees that linerepparttar 139380 legendary Magnolia Lane before arriving atrepparttar 139381 Founders Circle in front ofrepparttar 139382 clubhouse, a building that dates back 150 years to a man named Dennis Redmond, owner of what was then an indigo plantation. Inrepparttar 139383 Founders Circle are two plaques, one dedicated to Bobby Jones andrepparttar 139384 other to Clifford Roberts.

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Diving the Zenobia

Written by Jakob Jelling

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The Zenobia’s engine room has been almost unreachable for divers throughrepparttar pass of time, and many of them have seen it as a challenge. This is due torepparttar 139343 fact that, until a few time ago, this room’s entry point had remained hidden and divers had found it impossible to access this area unless they could find such point.

Cyprus is very strict on its rules regarding wrecks andrepparttar 139344 respect divers show for them. It is forbidden for divers to take a souvenir fromrepparttar 139345 Zenobia or damage it any way. Thanks to this, this wreck has remained almost intact and nowadays visitors can observe it justrepparttar 139346 way it looked when it was just sunk.

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