The Google Sandbox Explained

Written by Alan Cole

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If you track your websites visitor stats whilst it is inrepparttar Google Sandbox, you will see thatrepparttar 105829 Googlebot comes crawling fairly regularly and that it does crawl, and therefore catalogue, all of your pages. Google does know that your pages exist and knows what they contain, but doesn't list them inrepparttar 105830 main SERPS. In other words, because your website is new, it is under probation inrepparttar 105831 'sandbox'.

How Long Will My website Stay inrepparttar 105832 Google Sandbox?

It is difficult to say how long a website will stay inrepparttar 105833 Google sandbox as this seems to depend onrepparttar 105834 types of keywords it will be completing for inrepparttar 105835 real SERPS It can be up to 6-8 months andrepparttar 105836 only way to get out ofrepparttar 105837 sandbox is to wait.

The Google Sandbox isn't all bad news. If your site contains good quality relevant material it will find its way out ofrepparttar 105838 sandbox and will getrepparttar 105839 rankings it deserves inrepparttar 105840 Google SERPS. I even have some theories that may mean that your time inrepparttar 105841 sandbox can be used wisely to actually improve your final rankings.

You also shouldn't forget that Google isn'trepparttar 105842 only search engine out there. MSN is widely used and withrepparttar 105843 might of Microsoft behind it is likely to become a bigger player inrepparttar 105844 search engine world inrepparttar 105845 new future. Atrepparttar 105846 time of writing, MSN or other search engines such as Yahoo! and Alta Vista don't have a 'sandbox' filter and your new websites will be listed inrepparttar 105847 quickly and should start driving traffic to your site.

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Initial Search Engine Placement:Tips to Get Listed on Search Engine

Written by Ryen Kim

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Why adding your RSS feed to your My Yahoo!" and My MSN account guarantees you to be indexed?

Within 24 hours after you add your RSS feed to your account, Yahoo! Search and MSN search engine will crawl your site. More than 90% certainty, your site will be indexed in Yahoo! Search and MSN. But it will take about a week or a bit more to be listed because there is a delay between crawling and indexing. Now what can you do? Just wait? No, there is something more you can do. It'll give you 100% certainty and furthermore help you to be listed on Google search engine. So, please keep on reading.

Tip #2: Post questions or opinions torepparttar forum.

Subscribe torepparttar 105828 forums that is relevant to your site theme. You can find lots of forums by typing "forum your-site-keyword" without quote in search box. Choose one or two forums that seem to have many members and to be active. When you registerrepparttar 105829 forum, write down your home page address inrepparttar 105830 registration form (most of forums providerepparttar 105831 box that you can fill with your home page address). And provide your home page link at signature box. One of ways to provide link is using "BBCode", for example, "My home page:[url=]My Home Target Keyword [/url]". You can make a link by using HTML code if they allow. After registering, post some questions or reply to other members posts. Why is this good for you? The search engines frequently crawlrepparttar 105832 forum sites and whenever they crawl those sites, they followrepparttar 105833 links in forum as well.

So,repparttar 105834 more post you do with your home page link in signature box,repparttar 105835 better chance you get listed. By doing this, together with Tip #1, you'll be indexed in Yahoo! Search and MSN for sure. And this gives you higher chance to get listed on Google as well.

Tip #3 Use your blog to promote your home page.

It seems everybody is blogging. If you're not in this trend, please consider stating blogging. I presume your blog is listed on search engine (If not, following tip doesn't help). Place your home page link in your blog. This helps your home page get listed on search engines withrepparttar 105836 same reason as Tip #2 This tip is actually about getting inbound link. Because you can control your blog, this isrepparttar 105837 easiest way to get inbound link. If you can have inbound links from other web sites, it not only assure you to be listed in search engine but also to improve search engine ranking. Whenever possible, try to get quality inbound link. It's a great way to get targeted traffic, to improve search engine ranking andrepparttar 105838 only way to get listed on Teoma/Jeeves at this moment.

Usingrepparttar 105839 above three tips, you will certainly achieverepparttar 105840 initial search engine placement on Google, Yahoo! Search, MSN and probably other search engines. You even don't need to submit your URL and moreover it's not recommend nowadays. The initial search engine placement is easy and sure thing if you applyrepparttar 105841 above tips..

If your home page doesn't seem to get listed on search engine after a week...

If this isrepparttar 105842 case, something went wrong. Check following things:

  • do your links in forum, blog, and RSS feed file correctly direct to your page?
  • do you have any site construction on your home page?
  • are there any broken links in your web sites?

Correctrepparttar 105843 above problems, if any, then keep on posting and blogging and try to get inbound link. Also update your web site with new content, then update RSS feed and ping your updated RSS feed to My Yahoo! and My MSN.

To ping your updated RSS feed, copyrepparttar 105844 following address (remember you have to change "" with your RSS feed file URL), paste it to your browser (e.g, IE or Firefox) address bar and hit Enter.

to My Yahoo!

to My MSN

Hopefully, after correctingrepparttar 105845 problems and keep on applyingrepparttar 105846 above tips, you may achieve initial search engine placement within another week.

Ryen Kim is an MBA, specialized in marketing research and analysis. His current focus is the "Affiliate Business" as a work-at-home scheme. For that matter he's running Home Based Affiliate Business and Internet Marketing Blog.

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