The Google Sandbox : A frsustrating Inevitability or a Golden Opportunity?

Written by Alan Cole

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The first thing to do is plan ahead and get your site intorepparttar Sandbox as soon as possible, so attracting this attention from Google. Don't wait until your website is built in all its glory before registering a domain name and uploading your site. Instead make surerepparttar 149459 first thing you do is register your domain name, set up a hosting account and go live with one or two pages explaining what your site is about and what can be expected from it as it develops.

Next getrepparttar 149460 Googlebot to visit these embryonic pages so that Google is aware ofrepparttar 149461 new site as soon as possible. There is no need to submit your site manually or repeatedly to search engines, a couple of inbound links (IBL's) from other sites that are regularly spidered will be sufficient to getrepparttar 149462 Googlebot calling. Oncerepparttar 149463 robots have paid an initial visit they will return.

You may be lucky and find that your site gets straight intorepparttar 149464 main SERPS, but if it is a new domain name and new site then it is likely that before long you will find your new creation inrepparttar 149465 Sandbox where it will receive a great deal of attention fromrepparttar 149466 Googlebot. Now isrepparttar 149467 time to be proactive with your website development, don't sit back patiently waiting to be released fromrepparttar 149468 Sandbox, instead makerepparttar 149469 most of your time in there and show Googlerepparttar 149470 potential of your website.

Content is King

The first thing you need to do is continuerepparttar 149471 development of your website. Regularly add new pages packed full of relevant content to your site. As far as search engines are concerned, 'content is king'. Search Engines exist to provide their users with links to content relevant to their search criteria, therefore they are always onrepparttar 149472 lookout for websites that contain plenty of good quality, regularly updated relevant content. Of course, good quality, relevant content will also be beneficial to your websites human visitors, which atrepparttar 149473 end ofrepparttar 149474 day is your number one priority. Add plenty of new, relevant content of interest to real visitors andrepparttar 149475 Googlebot will thank you for it.

There are numerous ways to generate inbound links and I have covered these in previous articles. However, things rarely stand still for long inrepparttar 149476 world of Search Engine Optimisation and latest research seems to suggest that simply getting huge amounts of IBL's whilst inrepparttar 149477 Sandbox may no longer be sufficient. It now seems thatrepparttar 149478 rate of accumulation of IBL's may be important. Google is now thought to pay attention torepparttar 149479 rate of accumulation of IBL's and expects to see them develop in what it considers a natural, organic manner. This means that suddenly gaining a huge number of inbound links may be frowned upon by Google. Instead your linking strategy should be a sustained effort aimed at gaining new IBL's from relevant websites over a long period of time.


Althoughrepparttar 149480 Google Sandbox is still a frustrating inevitability and there is no quick fix way limitrepparttar 149481 amount of time a website spends confined to it, patiently sitting by waiting for this confinement to end is a waste of what could be a golden opportunity. Google pays a lot of attention to sites inrepparttar 149482 Sandbox making confinement torepparttar 149483 Sandbox an ideal time to really let your website shine. During this time give Google what it wants to see; regularly updated relevant content, lots of new pages and a sustained increase inrepparttar 149484 number of inbound links. Not only could this improve your sites ranking withinrepparttar 149485 SERPS once its confinement torepparttar 149486 Sandbox is over, but it will pay dividends for your site in general by providing its visitors withrepparttar 149487 information they require.

Alan Cole runs Pixelwave a small web design and search engine optimisation business offering professional web services with friendly, jargon-free advice.

Search Engine Optimization Tip: Don't buy anything before you learn more!

Written by Paul Stefanski

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Hasrepparttar SEO Fog lifted from around your head?

Hasrepparttar 149401 "I MUST buy that cool SEO software" syndrome been cleansed from your system?

The urge to go out and buy these "cool tools" is based onrepparttar 149402 fact that SEO is hard work. It takes time, energy and education to do it right. However, it is in persevering and takingrepparttar 149403 time to learn that will ultimately lead to success.

How much education does one need?

Atrepparttar 149404 very least,repparttar 149405 ability to answerrepparttar 149406 following basic questions:

How does search engine optimization fit into an overall marketing strategy? What are onpage and offpage optimization? What arerepparttar 149407 steps for fulfilling each? Which arerepparttar 149408 main search engines? What three are truly important?

Don't spend big bucks on anything until answers to these questions can be found.

If you are simply looking for a search engine optimization tip that will make life onrepparttar 149409 web a little easier, then my recommendation is of no use. But you will find, as many have, that you will jump from one SEO tool to another continually searching for that magic bullet. Saverepparttar 149410 pain (and money) and get educated first.

Paul Stefanski develops Recommended Web Tools,a resource for those just beginning to develop their own websites. A more complete form of this article, with included resources, can be found at Search Engine Optimization Tip.

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