The Google Algorithm Revealed

Written by Darren Yates

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• The frequency and amount of page updates is monitored and recorded as isrepparttar number of pages.

Mass updates of hundreds of files will see you pop up onrepparttar 141453 radar.

Onrepparttar 141454 other hand to few or to small updates to your site could see your rankings slide. Unless your CTR is good. A stale page that receives good traffic may hold it's own and not require an update. So don't update forrepparttar 141455 sake of it.

Depending on your market fresh content may not be a requirement. Ifrepparttar 141456 information your pages contain does not go out of date then updating may not be necessary. If your market is more news based for example then changes regularly are a must. In general changes don't necessarily have to mean fresh content. They could involve simple edits to current content.

A further indicator that Google is really cracking down on Spam is made clear inrepparttar 141457 following extract fromrepparttar 141458 Patent. Mention is made of changingrepparttar 141459 focus of multiple pages at once.

Here'srepparttar 141460 quote - “A significant change over time inrepparttar 141461 set of topics associated with a document may indicate thatrepparttar 141462 document has changed owners and previous document indicators, such as score, anchor text, etc., are no longer reliable.

Similarly, a spike inrepparttar 141463 number of topics could indicate Spam. For example, if a particular document is associated with a set of one or more topics over what may be considered a ’stable’ period of time and then a (sudden) spike occurs inrepparttar 141464 number of topics associated withrepparttar 141465 document, this may be an indication thatrepparttar 141466 document has been taken over as a ‘doorway’ document.

Another indication may includerepparttar 141467 sudden disappearance ofrepparttar 141468 original topics associated withrepparttar 141469 document. If one or more of these situations are detected, then [Google] may reducerepparttar 141470 relative score of such documents and/orrepparttar 141471 links, anchor text, or other data associatedrepparttar 141472 document.”

There's still more to look out for:-

• Changes in on page keyword density is monitored and recorded as are changes to anchor text.

• The domain name owner address is considered, most likely to help in a local search result.

• The technical and admin contact details are checked for consistency. These are often falsified for Spam domains.

• Your hosts IP address. If you are on a shared server it's possible somebody else on that server is using dirty tactics or Spaming. If so your site will suffer since you sharerepparttar 141473 same IP.

The impression I get here is that Google have learned fromrepparttar 141474 Spam attack they suffered in early 2004 and are determined to eradicate it.

So what do you do?

There's a lot to take onboard here and consider. But you can't go far wrong with your SEO if you try to grow your site as organically as possible. If you know what you're doing you can take short cuts. Carry on with link exchanges but consider each site carefully and slow down in your gathering of them. Vary your anchor text. Add small amounts of good quality content to your site regularly. Check your search engine listings and edit your site to include a call to action in them if possible. Make your site more 'sticky' to encourage visitors to stay a while. Encourage visitors to Bookmark your site. Oh and register new domain names for at least two years.

Before you do anything remember to referencerepparttar 141475 above info first. It may just save you months of misery as your site gets banned and 'Sand boxed'.

Overall keep it ethical and you can't go wrong. Do not be tempted to Spam. Stick torepparttar 141476 guidelines above and you are much more likely to outlast and out rank your competition.

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I think that it is crucial for net-preneurs to understand thatrepparttar internet is not a marketing solution it is a marketing tool. It is a tool to market a business that has great customer service, quality products, and pricing to match. Marketing your business should start with marketing to family and friends, your neighbors, and local customers and then move to include a website to enhance customer service. Your primary goal should always be to gain customer loyalty and to have enough business to keep you happy but not to try to get 1000's of clicks from people who are surfingrepparttar 141255 web. Look for under soda, or soda pop, or carbonated beverages, or cold drinks. They are not even inrepparttar 141256 top 50. But look for them under Coke and there they are! #1! Look for them under Coca Cola...there they are #1. The business came first!

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