The Good Citizen

Written by Terry Dashner

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that has been honed inrepparttar fires of hard work, hard times, and hard knocks—knelt beside her,repparttar 105750 young optimist. The informed citizen soothed her wounds with encouragement and gave her an additional voice of support againstrepparttar 105751 haters of patriotism. Then he put her on his list—yes, a group of “bloggers” and grass root activists who would embrace her and welcome her youthful optimism. He advised his informed group of patriots of her plight and asked them to care for her emotional support until he returned from his journey.

“Now which of these three would you say was a good citizen torepparttar 105752 young optimist who was attacked byrepparttar 105753 cynics?”repparttar 105754 storyteller asked.

The ones listening, and only those listening, replied, “The one who showed her encouragement and gave her back her voice.” Thenrepparttar 105755 storyteller said, “Yes, now go and dorepparttar 105756 same.”

Keeprepparttar 105757 faith. Stayrepparttar 105758 course. Jesus is coming soon. And until He does come, encouragerepparttar 105759 needed optimism…

Pastor T.dash

Pastors a small church in Broken Arrow, OK

Banana Republic - United Kingdom

Written by Birmingham UK Com

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Now we hear that Parliament has threatened Birmingham withrepparttar prospect of international observers to monitor its elections. The UK facesrepparttar 105749 prospect of unsafe elections as fears of ballot-rigging on May 5th increase. Birmingham is not alone. There are ten major enquiries into vote rigging currently in progress. In Blackburn, council candidate Mohammed Hussain has been warned that he can expect a prison sentence. There are investigations in Manchester and Oldham. In Cheshire a Mayor has been arrested in a separate vote-rigging incident. Further investigations continue in Bradford, Burnley and Derby.

Have things really got this bad that we can't even trustrepparttar 105750 voting process? Think Banana Republic - think Zimbabwee - think United Kingdom.


Recently the UK has been likened to that of a Banana Republic over its postal voting fraud in the city of Birmingham...

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