The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: How Do You Change the World?

Written by Dorene Lehavi

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As I thought about this man's art, honest as it is, it does not depict most of life. My new thoughts are that if we floodrepparttar world with goodness, inspirations, success, potential and love, my bet would be we'd get more of it. We don't get beauty by floodingrepparttar 125386 world with pain and horror. That just makes most people want to run away into denial. The question I ask is, do you get more impetus for social change by showing people what is ugly or what is beautiful: what they want less of or more of? As a coach I concentrate on helping my clients identify what they have that they want more of and downplayrepparttar 125387 opposite. My vote is that an atmosphere of goodness, beauty, open-mindedness, ability, talent, strengths and love will produce more ofrepparttar 125388 same. Ugliness will produce more ugliness. Is this social art equivalent torepparttar 125389 sensationalism ofrepparttar 125390 11 o'clock news?

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5 Myths of Online Dating

Written by Tyler Casselman

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Online Dating is for Geeks

Come on just go check out these services andrepparttar profiles ofrepparttar 125385 people who are using them. Do all these people look like geeks? Everyone is experimenting withrepparttar 125386 world of online dating.

People are more likely to lye Online

It is true thatrepparttar 125387 people you meet could lye to you. But how do you not know that any person you date isn't lying. When it comes to relationships people do lye and maybe you have had past relationships that have ended for that very reason. Bottom line people lye online and offline.

So there you have it my top 5 myths of online dating. Why not stop worrying so much about what others are saying about online dating and just jump in and give it try. I think you will be surprised byrepparttar 125388 quality of people you will meet.

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