The Golden Age Of Free Email Is Coming To An End

Written by Richard Lowe

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Personally, I loverepparttar service provided by For about $40 a year, you get your own domain name and ten full-featured POP3 email accounts. You can use your own email program (Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora or whatever you prefer) or you can read your messages onrepparttar 109621 web using a simple interface. Everyone.Net also has a very simple filtering capability, which I've found is great for getting rid ofrepparttar 109622 spam. This service is perfect for someone who needs a lot of email accounts without any effort, perhaps for a family or group of friends.

Purchase a Domain Name and Forward Your Email

James S. Huggins wrote an article which explains in detail how to purchase a domain and forward email from that domain to your ISP's account. The concept is as follows:

- You purchase a domain for about $9.00 a year from a registrar which allows for email forwarding. NameCheap is one of these. Let's say you registered ""

- Parkrepparttar 109623 web site on their server. This presents a single page which saysrepparttar 109624 site is under construction.

- Userepparttar 109625 NameCheap system to forward all email to "" to your own personal ISP email account.

What isrepparttar 109626 advantage of this? Since everyone will be sending email to, you can change ISP's all you want. You don't have to worry about changing your email address - you only have to changerepparttar 109627 one forwarding address.

Purchase web Hosting

Contrary to popular belief, paid web hosting is not very expensive. In fact, all butrepparttar 109628 very worst paid hosting services provide far superior service and features thanrepparttar 109629 best free host.

One ofrepparttar 109630 features that is provided with many paid hosting services is a number of POP3 accounts. You can use these for your own email account as well.

Other Alternatives

Believe me, I do understand that companies onrepparttar 109631 internet need to make a profit. I also know that many companies which offered free services are struggling with what to do aboutrepparttar 109632 failure ofrepparttar 109633 banner ad and internet advertising in general.

I firmly believe thatrepparttar 109634 "advertising supported" concept onrepparttar 109635 internet is basically flawed, unethical and simply does not work. People should pay for whatever services they use at a reasonable rate. The concept of having someone else pay forrepparttar 109636 service in order to display advertising tends to distancerepparttar 109637 user (the web site or email user) fromrepparttar 109638 vendor (the free mail provider) becauserepparttar 109639 customer is actuallyrepparttar 109640 advertiser and notrepparttar 109641 user. This results in poor service and oftentimes a complete lack of responsibility forrepparttar 109642 actual users ofrepparttar 109643 services.

However, some ofrepparttar 109644 larger, more traditional free email providers have habitually offered horrible (at best) customer service and have proven time and again that they could not care less about their users. These companies have come up with business models that simply did not work and built tremendous organizations on top of those models.

By purchasingrepparttar 109645 new pay services from these companies, you will getrepparttar 109646 same horrible customer service and lack of care (because these arerepparttar 109647 same organizations), only now you will be paying to be abused.

The final and perhaps most important argument against giving money to these previously free services is they tend towardsrepparttar 109648 extraordinarily expensive side when compared withrepparttar 109649 alternatives. The only advantage to staying with one of these free services (as far as I can see) is you won't have to change. And sometimes, my friends, change is a good thing.

Additional Reading

Own Your Own Email Address

An excellent article by James S. Huggins about how to purchase a domain name and create forwarding addresses.

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Triple Your Web Leads With Email Auto-Capture

Written by Dave Czach

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Follow-up email is required to sealrepparttar deal. It is widely known in marketing circlesrepparttar 109620 average person sees an ad 5-7 times before acting upon it. Your follow-up email would be more free reports relative to your website with a couple 5-line ads inrepparttar 109621 middle ofrepparttar 109622 report and atrepparttar 109623 end. As your visitor reads their useful information, they will view your ad.

There you have it. No more wasted advertising dollars. You can now have your very own automated marketing website on steroids.

Dave Czach is a 12-year ex-Mortgage Banker/Direct Marketer turned author/publisher. He can be reached at

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