The Girl in My College

Written by DD Phil

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Didrepparttar relationship last? No. Only for a short period. Not even up to a year. We began to have problems and misunderstandings with each other. I couldn’t understand her anymore. Her speech and her character changed. And she started dressing like a woman of easy virtue. Her beauty began to wither away likerepparttar 130033 petals of a flower whose stems and roots couldn’t absorb water and nutrients fromrepparttar 130034 soil anymore. Everyone complained of her. And I tried each time to caution and advise her, but she wouldn’t listen. Her stubbornness become worse. One thing I could remember she says is: “This is me. This is my nature.”

Forty-eight hours after regaining my consciousness from an accident that almost took away my life; I visited her again with a friend who decided to accompany me torepparttar 130035 campus. Seeing me leaping my leg like a disabled fellow, she never asked what was wrong with me.

I feltrepparttar 130036 pains within me. Tears rushed out shamelessly from my eyes like a-day-old child who was denied breast feeding by his mother. Hoping that she was going to reverse her decision of quittingrepparttar 130037 relationship, she looked into my eyeballs, stretched her right hand and handed me something. But behold, it was a ring—the engagement ring that I had earlier given to her—that I saw in my palm. Not knowing what to say, I dried uprepparttar 130038 tears from my eyes. She looked at me again as one without feelings at all, telling me, “it is over.” I close my eyes for a few seconds, thinking of what to say before she leaves. But before long, she was gone Walking majestically. Like an innocent baby.

Love. I’ve known what it is. Maybe disguise. Or a game of chance. I don’t want to play games with it. I’m scared to love another, because it almost ruined my life. I don’t want to meet another lady that would ruin my life, but one that would support me and take good care of me as my mother does. And one that will be like an “angel” to me. One that will take me for who I am and not for what I am not. One that will look straight into my eyes and tell me she loves me too after I might have said same to her. I need a girl that will walk side by side with me and not be ashamed. One that when I’ll look into her eyes would bring peace to my soul. One that will live in peace and harmony with me when I get married to her. One that will lengthen my life-span. One that will take me up when I’m down. One that will nurse me when I’m sick.

For I do not want a girl that will think of separation or divorce when little things go wrong. Likerepparttar 130039 girl in my college. No. I do not want her.

DD Phil is a romance writer. His book titled “How to Marry your Spouse” is coming soon. Mailto:

DD Phil is a romance writer. His book titled “How to Marry your Spouse” is coming soon.

Is your soulmate an idiot?

Written by Sam Stevens

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When it comes to soulmates, I subscribe to Oprah's theory "that everybody is your soul mate." In theory, you don't have to have sex with every soul mate you meet -- a soul mate can also be a child, a relative, a co-worker or even just a good friend. One ofrepparttar hazards of getting involved sexually and emotionally with someone who we believe was sent to us by God, or who we think was sent to us as "an angel on earth" is that we often become over attached to them and have trouble severingrepparttar 130032 connection. Notice how anyone you've gotten rid off doesn't qualify as a soulmate... but anyone who dumped you automatically ALWAYS makesrepparttar 130033 grade ... ironically, you hear most people describerepparttar 130034 last person who dumped them as their one and only soulmate. If they were such a great soulmate, then why didn't they stick around to build a future with you? Oh right, your soulmate was an idiot, too. It's O.K. to admit your soulmate is an idiot, byrepparttar 130035 way. It makesrepparttar 130036 angels laugh ... Forget meditation. There's nothing that dissolves bad karma faster than a bit of humour.

Sam Steven's metaphysical articles have been published in many high-standing newspapers and she has published several books. You can meet Sam Stevens at where she works as a professional psychic. You can also read more of her articles at where she is the staff writer. Currently she is studying technology's impact on the metaphysics.

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