The Gingerbread Nightmare

Written by Valerie Garner

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Whew….new day, it’s a wonder what a little sleep will do ya. Now we make repparttar hard frosting that will act as glue to holdrepparttar 118311 pieces ofrepparttar 118312 house together, time to build. Time forrepparttar 118313 fun to begin, boy are we ready!

We begin assemblingrepparttar 118314 house, and halfrepparttar 118315 roof piece breaks in two on one ofrepparttar 118316 houses. Onrepparttar 118317 second house, we findrepparttar 118318 pieces to not match correctly. On a third house, we overcome all these first two obstacles, and now have great difficulty getting props to holdrepparttar 118319 house together whilerepparttar 118320 “glue” dries, and it’s repeatedly falling apart and causingrepparttar 118321 oldest child to have a temper tantrum in frustration (mom too). Somehow through this fiasco, we end up with 1 viable house. (The others became, hard dog biscuit type things forrepparttar 118322 family pet). Oh well, she needs her Christmas goodies too, right? We frostedrepparttar 118323 house and each child decorated half. The end result? A $75. UGLY gingerbread house that only a grandma (with apologizes from mom), would take and not be too insulted by. But, we did accomplish one of our goals….it was a memory. A memory we fondly call “The Gingerbread Nightmare”.

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Valerie Garner-an author who enjoys writing on a wide variety of topics, mostly pertaining to a home, sprinkled with humour.

Mouth Wide Open!

Written by Jim Henderson

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As with any right, there always those who abuse it. You can easily recognize them because they are usuallyrepparttar ones who arerepparttar 118310 first to scream that their rights have been violated. They do this just after they have violated someone else’s rights. Some people ought to keep their mouth shut, it’s just not constitutional to tell them that.

All through history, there have been those who have attempted to impose restrictions on any view that is contradictory to their own by any means necessary. But that’s enough about tyranny and oppression, otherwise known asrepparttar 118311 institution of marriage.

Whilerepparttar 118312 right to free speech is guaranteed byrepparttar 118313 constitution,repparttar 118314 ability to say something intelligent, however, is not.

Jim Henderson is currently employed in the field of environmental regulatory compliance. He enjoys writing as a past time and has had several articles published in various on-line publications.

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