The Gift of Teaching

Written by Arleen M. Kaptur

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Withrepparttar approach of a new upcoming school year, may allrepparttar 109462 teachers (parents, educators, neighbors, writers, etc.) brace themselves forrepparttar 109463 wonderful task at hand. To furtherrepparttar 109464 education of any child isrepparttar 109465 richest, most rewarding experience in life. There can be no more noble undertaking than to lead a child to investigating, challenging themselves and their surroundings, attempting, and succeeding at skills and subjects that will let this child open doors to his/her future. From a parent giving an example of honesty, a neighbor pointing outrepparttar 109466 beauty of a newly born kitten, a teacher who brings a subject or book to life, and a writer who paints a "word" picture of a sunset, all these individuals play such an important role inrepparttar 109467 formation andrepparttar 109468 future of this child.

When a child's environment is rich with caring, loving people who want only to bringrepparttar 109469 sunshine of knowledge and capability into this child's world, thenrepparttar 109470 possibilities are endless,repparttar 109471 potential without limit. A book contains written words, a fanciful tale,repparttar 109472 recorded experiences of an individual, orrepparttar 109473 peculiarities of a location, but a "teacher" can infuse life and reality intorepparttar 109474 material. History becomes a wealth of evolvement and ancestry, science is a world of not-yet-discovered solutions, andrepparttar 109475 realm of language is transformed into building blocks to reachrepparttar 109476 stars.

To a wonderful new school year ENJOY! ©Arleen M. Kaptur 2002 August

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Written by Lisa Spurlin

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Better knowledge retention...

IMCBT programs provide a multi-sensory learning environment that maximizesrepparttar way people retain information. Studies have shown that people remember 20% of what they see and 40% of what they see and hear. Interactive multimedia computer-based training allows people to remember 70% of what they see, hear, and do.

No-risk situations...

IMCBT can simulate many work, laboratory or field environments that may be inaccessible for on-site training demonstrations. Students can safely practice and master skills, allowing their progress to be monitored and improvements measured and documented before applying them in a potentially hazardous situation. For example, new workers in a manufacturing plan can masterrepparttar 109461 skills to operate machinery before they assume their work duties.

IMCBT Disadvantages

Many companies find it difficult to keep their employees abreast ofrepparttar 109462 latest technologies and techniques. A more serious problem isrepparttar 109463 fact that many employees — fromrepparttar 109464 blue-collar worker torepparttar 109465 professional — lackrepparttar 109466 basic skills they should have learned in high school.

These are some ofrepparttar 109467 drawbacks to using IMCBT:

* Need access to a computer * Must understand and know how to use a computer * Personnel resistance * Must be well-done

Need access to a computer...

Students must have access to computers at home, at work, or at some training location withinrepparttar 109468 company to use IMCBT. Sometimes computer access is possible.

Must understand and know how to use a computer...

To use an IMCBT, it is assumed thatrepparttar 109469 personnel being trained are somewhat computer literate. They must know how to use a keyboard and a mouse. Some people must be trained, at a minimum, basic computer skills prior to using an IMCBT program.

Personnel resistance...

Some people have phobias concerningrepparttar 109470 use of computers, while others balk at any type of computer function. They may feel it is too impersonal or thatrepparttar 109471 computer is "out to get them". Some people may simply "freeze up" when confronted with learning on a computer.

Must be well-done...

The IMCBT must be designed and written in a quality manner forrepparttar 109472 students to keep interest and learn. A good IMCBT program will not contain too many graphics, videos, or colors. It should be pleasing torepparttar 109473 eye and easy to see. A poorly designed IMCBT can result in boredom or even confuserepparttar 109474 person who is supposed to learnrepparttar 109475 material. A person can learn more from a poor teacher than from a poorly designed IMCBT program.

Types of IMCBT Programs

* Software Training * Medical Certifications * Equipment Training * Simulations * Service Training * Adult Education * Safety Training * Sales Training * Orientation * Internet Training * Product Training * Quality Training * K-12 Learning * Military Training * Foreign Languages * Employment Policies * Sexual Harassment Policies * Basic Employment Skills

How do you makerepparttar 109476 decision?

Businesses make most sound decisions based on potential return on investment (ROI). It is assumed thatrepparttar 109477 company has already determined that training their personnel and/or customers is a value-added activity. Now,repparttar 109478 question is whether or not IMCBT isrepparttar 109479 best route to take.

Criteria for deciding to use IMCBT include:

* Cost and practicality of sending learners to a class

* Availability of computers and computer literacy

* CBT development cost versusrepparttar 109480 number being trained

An effective decision can be made once these issues have been weighed.


Every company needs to have well-trained personnel who will be able to do their jobs effectively and add value torepparttar 109481 company's output. In today's age of information, knowledge is power. The more knowledge you and your employees have,repparttar 109482 more powerful and successful your company will be.

While traditional, stand-up classroom training will not disappear, alone it simply cannot provide adequate solutions torepparttar 109483 training and education problems of today. Computer-based training does not cook breakfast, cure baldness or do windows. It is notrepparttar 109484 best solution for all human performance issues and needs. Employed appropriately, however, multimedia training can yield significant, positive results: less time and cost, better learning and performance, and improved competitive edge.

Companies should consider using an interactive multimedia computer-based training when it is cost effective, practical, and when standardized education is needed. PCs must be available, students cannot resist using a computer, andrepparttar 109485 IMCBT must be well designed to providerepparttar 109486 desired effect. In all, IMCBT can help to transform workers and customers unskilled in a given area to those who are proficient in those tasks.

Written by Lisa Spurlin,

I would like to offer your company a FREE, no-obligation evaluation of your current training system. I can show you how to improve training and save your company money. If you do not have a training system in place, I can show you how IMCBT can benefit your business. Please contact me at for more information.

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