The G-8 and Other Figureheads

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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so on. Some of these were just corporations like Tartessus/Iberia competing with each other, no doubt. Some of them were working in concert and headed byrepparttar Phoenicians or Nobles likerepparttar 148117 Benjaminites or Carthaginians. There is much we must learn if we are to bring an end to these secrets but I am encouraged when I seerepparttar 148118 G-8 in 2005 claiming they will end export subsidies. This will allow local freedom to build infrastructure and plan businesses or farms. Buying local warlords has beenrepparttar 148119 standard operating procedure of Manifest Destiny for too long. The religions that proclaimed Manifest Destiny or Divine Right of Kings have shackled mankind for too many millennia and they always call each other names like terrorist or barbarian. But these religions are managed byrepparttar 148120 same inner sanctums or elite power-mongers who control trade.


"The clergy convertedrepparttar 148121 simple teachings of Jesus into an engine for enslaving mankind and adulterated by artificial constructions into a contrivance to filch wealth and power to themselves...these clergy, in fact, constituterepparttar 148122 real Anti-Christ.” – Thomas Jefferson

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Hanging On By Teddy's Thread

Written by Marvic

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In response to how Marvic and others can help, Berman replied, “People can send for a pattern and knit bears...I ask $3 and a self-addressed envelope (stamped if inrepparttar U.S.) be sent to: Mother Bear Project, P.O. Box 62188, Minneapolis, MN 55426, U.S.A. This $3 helps to pay to shiprepparttar 148103 bears and pay duty fees onrepparttar 148104 receiving end. I send each knitter a pattern and a tag. Ifrepparttar 148105 knitters make more than 1 bear, I ask that they send $3 forrepparttar 148106 extra bears. There are many knitters who cannot afford to pay for their bears and I will always acceptrepparttar 148107 bears without money. I always need donations for shippingrepparttar 148108 bears and for allrepparttar 148109 expenses such asrepparttar 148110 P.O. Box, shipping supplies, trademark fees, printing expenses (brochures, etc) and allrepparttar 148111 costs ofrepparttar 148112 things it takes to keep this project going strong. I payrepparttar 148113 duty fees onrepparttar 148114 receiving end because I believerepparttar 148115 people giving outrepparttar 148116 bears should not be financially burdened. I do not userepparttar 148117 money for anything exceptrepparttar 148118 project expenses. I work full time in addition to running this project. All donations are tax deductible.”

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