The Future of Communications - Voice Over Internet

Written by Jill Meluson

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When compared to analog phone service, VOIP is cheaper and hasrepparttar same quality of service. Since VOIP uses a single network to transfer voice and data,repparttar 150772 overall cost per call is cheaper torepparttar 150773 service provider then using two separate networks.

When voice and data are transferred together on a single network,repparttar 150774 service providers only need to build and maintain one network, thus hire less staff. These companies have also learned to manage both voice traffic and data applications correctly to reduce any sacrifice in quality.

Although there is a monthly charge forrepparttar 150775 service, VOIP phones cost aboutrepparttar 150776 same as a regular business phone. With all of its benefits, VOIP should takerepparttar 150777 place of analog telephone service within a few years.

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Call Center Software: The Possibilities are Endless

Written by GSET Publishing

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Speaking of employee stress - who in this day and age is not acquainted withrepparttar benefits of telecommuting or working from home? Many studies show that employees who work from home are often happier, more efficient, and show a greatly decreased rate of absenteeism. Forrepparttar 150765 employer, too, this makes sense. Because modern technology makes it possible for us to maintain close and effective communication with employees who are working from home, this arrangement is often a win-win situation - greater satisfaction and decreased overhead costs. New call center software makes it possible for some call center employees to experiencerepparttar 150766 benefits of working from home. In fact, inrepparttar 150767 near future,repparttar 150768 virtual call center may becomerepparttar 150769 norm - employees, equipped withrepparttar 150770 right hardware and software, will both make and answer calls from a home office, while staying in full communication with their co-workers and supervisors. Communication software will facilitate instant system-wide messaging, employees will be supported by software that enables and facilitates telemarketing, routing, predictive dialing, automatic dialing, and automatic messaging. Atrepparttar 150771 same time, they will be able to stay close to their families, avoiding a costly and time-consuming commute.

The potential of call center software has barely begun to be tapped. In time, this software may allowrepparttar 150772 call center to move far beyond its present role as a sender and receiver of business related communication. To cite just one example, in this time of political uncertainty, quick and efficient lines or communication throughout a community are more important than ever. Call center software could, in an emergency, be called into service: picture an emergency alert system capable of reaching tens of thousands of households almost instantly. Far from being an alienating force, communication software hasrepparttar 150773 potential to connect our growing communities in ways we might never have dreamed of. Innovative use of this technology will be both a challenge and a highly satisfying adventure. strives to provide you with the latest information in the high tech arena of predictive dialers, inbound/ outbound call centers and call center software. Light in the darkness! See for yourself at: (

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