The Freemasonic Order of the Golden Circle

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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The KGC was divided into three sections or 'degrees'--the 'Foreign and Home Guard Militia',repparttar 'Foreign and Home Guard Corps', of civilian support, andrepparttar 105753 'American Legion' which wasrepparttar 105754 political and governing arm. Reportedly, by 1860 membership inrepparttar 105755 KGC was more than sixty-five thousand and constitutedrepparttar 105756 'brains' ofrepparttar 105757 South. Bickley made their objective clear when he declared, 'The fact is, we want a fight, but how to get it isrepparttar 105758 question.'

Through constant agitation,repparttar 105759 Knights stirred up hatreds and fears throughoutrepparttar 105760 North and South. 'After Abraham Lincoln was, elected in 1860, this minority ofrepparttar 105761 Southern minority conspired to bring off a last gamble. In 1861, torepparttar 105762 extremists' amazement, disunion triumphed,' wrote historian William W. Freehling.

KGC activity in Northern states involved a plan to create a "Northwest Confederacy" composed of pro-Southerners in several states, including Ohio, Indiana, Minnesota, and Michigan. Illinois alone was reported to have a KGC membership of some twenty thousand. The plan was to seize federal arsenals, then take control ofrepparttar 105763 states and release all Confederate prisoners. One state official, Edmund Wright, tried to opposerepparttar 105764 Knights, only to have his wife poisoned and his home burned. In August 1862 sixty KGC members--out of a reported fifteen thousand members in Indiana--were indicted for conspiracy and treason but later released. Federal prosecutors were fearful of creating martyrs andrepparttar 105765 conspiracy cases were weak.

The Knight's actions created havoc withrepparttar 105766 national government, prompting President Lincoln to lament, 'The enemy behind us is more dangerous torepparttar 105767 country thanrepparttar 105768 enemy before us.'

The Lincoln administration was compelled to imprison more than thirteen thousand people on charges of 'disloyalty', which meant anything from speaking againstrepparttar 105769 government to discouraging military enlistment. 'Those who beforerepparttar 105770 war had been called 'the loyal opposition' found themselves after 1861 commonly referred to as traitors,' wrote author Larry Starkey.

Such repression incensed Democrats and anti-Republicans, who charged federal officials with exaggeratingrepparttar 105771 KGC threat in order to suppress criticism ofrepparttar 105772 administration. Membership inrepparttar 105773 Knights' organization and its spin-offs,repparttar 105774 Order of American Knights andrepparttar 105775 Sons of Liberty, grew to number inrepparttar 105776 hundreds of thousands. According to Griffin,repparttar 105777 Knights went underground afterrepparttar 105778 war, 'eventually emerging asrepparttar 105779 Ku Klux Klan. {In Birth of a Nation,repparttar 105780 movie shows over 20,000 white-hooded Knights going up Pennsylvania Ave. to meet their Grand Wizard,repparttar 105781 former Head of Princeton and later architect ofrepparttar 105782 failed League of Nations, President Woodrow Wilson.)

In 1863 Bickley was arrested as a spy in Indiana and held without trial until his release in 1865."(5)

Didrepparttar 105783 Melungeons (perhaps Lincoln was one) and other white people who fled Europe during Dark Ages repression find Cincinnati andrepparttar 105784 earlier white settlers of Adena to their welcome liking? The Bat Creek, Tennessee area from which we have nine skeletons who Cyrus Gordon of New York University says were fleeing Roman Lions are good evidence of that. He demonstratesrepparttar 105785 academics who thoughtrepparttar 105786 language or script onrepparttar 105787 stone found with them were wrong. They thought it was Cherokee but he showed it was Semitic many years later. There is a plethora of evidence showing people coming torepparttar 105788 America's in every post-Christian century. It was going on for at least 4,000 years before that by boat. The European people spread out ofrepparttar 105789 Caucasus to all parts ofrepparttar 105790 world 30,000+ years ago according to genetic proof provided in my other books is now joined by ‘Y’ chromosome research. When Napoleon gaverepparttar 105791 Louisiana Purchase to America he imposed certain legal requirements establishing further separations between church and state thatrepparttar 105792 'Birdman of Alcatraz' took advantage of as shown when he married in prison.

It would not surprise us ifrepparttar 105793 Holy Roman Empire was always managed byrepparttar 105794 Merovingians of Charlemagne and Childeric right up torepparttar 105795 Priory of Sion that foundedrepparttar 105796 Templars throughrepparttar 105797 likes of Godfroi de Bouillon and Pierre Plantard de Saint-Clair who are descendants of Charlemagne. The De Medicis role we implied was a part ofrepparttar 105798 whole affair is a very minor light in this darkness. The Borgia ethic has its Hapsburg and Rothschild mélange. The phenomena of "sheepleism" continually amazesrepparttar 105799 proctors of behavioral science, and continually delightsrepparttar 105800 magnums ofrepparttar 105801 power elite who are always willing to ‘appeal to their base instincts’ as Machiavelli advised them to do. No lesser a student of politics than Otto von Bismarck has notedrepparttar 105802 following that impactsrepparttar 105803 whole world to this day.

"The division ofrepparttar 105804 United States into federations of equal force was decided long beforerepparttar 105805 Civil War byrepparttar 105806 high financial powers of Europe. These bankers were afraid thatrepparttar 105807 United States, if they remained in one block and as one nation, would attain economic and financial independence, which would upset their financial domination overrepparttar 105808 world. The voice ofrepparttar 105809 Rothschilds prevailed.... Therefore they sent their emissaries intorepparttar 105810 field to exploitrepparttar 105811 question of slavery and to open an abyss betweenrepparttar 105812 two sections ofrepparttar 105813 Union." guest expert Author of Diverse Druids Columnist for The ES Press Magazine

Bloody People - A Right Royal Fiasco

Written by Birmingham UK Com

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Looking at this in an entirely different light let us considerrepparttar following points. First and foremost, Prince Charles has had a tough time of it inrepparttar 105752 press. He struggles to keeprepparttar 105753 marriage low key amidst claims thatrepparttar 105754 Queen and other members ofrepparttar 105755 Royal Family are not happy aboutrepparttar 105756 marriage. How might you feel? Finally, Prince Charles gets away from it all to spend some time with his sons on a skiing holiday. Even on holiday he and his family are not left alone. Whilst being an organised photocall, is it really any wonder that Prince Charles saidrepparttar 105757 things he did?

These outspoken comments byrepparttar 105758 Prince might have actually done him no harm at all. Many people have been highly amused byrepparttar 105759 comments andrepparttar 105760 banter betweenrepparttar 105761 Prince and his sons. Finally, here it is,repparttar 105762 human side of Prince Charles. Inrepparttar 105763 face of mindless paparazzi and media gannets a pissed off Prince finally gets to speak his mind. Bravo Sir. Whatever anyone thinks ofrepparttar 105764 Royal Family or their general views onrepparttar 105765 Monarchy there will be many people who will remember this event fondly. The press deserve all they get. Do I have any sympathy for reporters onrepparttar 105766 receiving end of this Royal outburst? Not at all.

Put yourself in Prince Charles position for just a moment. You are wealthy with two wonderful sons. For years you have put up with your private life being invaded and you have bravedrepparttar 105767 torrents of abuse andrepparttar 105768 whims ofrepparttar 105769 press overrepparttar 105770 years. A big event in your life is literally days away when you will marryrepparttar 105771 women you love and some dickhead asks you how you are feeling atrepparttar 105772 prospect of marriage? What possible answer is there other than that you are feeling very happy about that prospect? What a stupid question. What other inane questions wouldrepparttar 105773 Prince have to answer?

No, I think that had I been blessed withrepparttar 105774 trappings of Royalty I would not hanker afterrepparttar 105775 day I might become king. My sense of duty torepparttar 105776 nation would have waned with each tirade of criticism overrepparttar 105777 years. I think I might sit back, count my lucky stars and quite blatantly tell them all to f**k off and go home. Thats what I would do.

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